Teach English in Wolongquan Zhen - Yingkou Shi

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Pronunciation is consider the most neglected aspect of English language teaching, some of the reasons are the lack of confidence in foreign teachers on the other hand English teachers might also lack of training. Said that it's still important to consider the teaching of pronunciation part of a English lesson. A important tool in learning pronunciation is the Phonemic symbols, English not being a phonetic language, spelling is not reliable source for pronunciation, so phonemes that represent a sound in the English language, will help to pronounce words properly. This unit brings to our attention the fact that being able to communicate, to understand and to make ourselves understood, that there is a lot more than just being able to know the meaning of words. We must be aware of Intonation in a sentence, the stress that is on a specific word in a sentence, stress in a specific syllable , the way sounds can be join. All of this aspects contribute for us to be able to pass a specific message across. Communication is much more than just words and their meaning.