Teach English in GAoqiao Zhen - Zhangjiajie Shi

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While preparing lesson plans and materials will help make class go more smoothly, each day can still bring unexpected turns that can make teachers feel caught off guard and discouraged. Every class you teach will be different because of the unique mix of students, so it is impossible to prepare for every situation you could encounter. Instead, teachers can build their confidence by strategically focusing on themselves. Body language is a large part of communication, and is especially important if your students do not speak English well. They will be taking more cues from how you act than what you are saying! A confident stance with feet firmly planted, chest open, and head held tall shows that you are powerful and calm. And even if you still feel butterflies in your stomach, moving into this posture can actually influence your body to feel more powerful and calm. In addition, visualizing how you will lead and respond to students, rather than just reacting to challenges will also help you feel more confident. Slow down and be more intentional in your interactions. When you feel nervous, it is easy to talk too fast and rush through activities, which in turn leaves students feeling confused and frustrated. Check for understanding and take time to ask questions and respond to questions. Students will feel more engaged and will appreciate the opportunity to get clarification. This will also make you seem more approachable, which translates to a better classroom experience for all. Taking time to reflect will help in a multitude of ways. First, creating time to unpack your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis will help you be more mindful of what is going on internally and externally. Through keeping a journal, you will be able to look back and see trends of what has worked and what has not. Realizing how much you have already overcome and how you have dealt with it will help you feel confident as you continue to grow. And for days when you still feel insecure, instead of thinking “I can’t do this” or “I am not good enough”, change your mindset to “I may be struggling, but I am learning how to be better”. Find mentors that have more experience, or who you especially admire, in order to learn from them. Ask for their advice on specific problems, or sit in on a class to observe their teaching style and classroom management. Exposing yourself to different ways of doing things can help unlock your creativity and problem-solving skills. You can even ask them to observe you and bring attention to issues you may not have been aware of. Alternatively, you can find online discussion boards for new teachers who are having similar issues. While you will never feel one hundred percent prepared, there are plenty of things you can do to feel more confident in any situation. Focusing on body language, slowing down, taking time to reflect, and forming supportive relationships can help any teacher improve their self-confidence.