Teach English in Zhangjiajie Shi

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Teach English in GAoqiao Zhen, Zhangjiajie Shi
While preparing lesson plans and materials will help make class go more smoothly, each day can still bring unexpected turns that can make teachers feel caught off guard and discouraged
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Teach English in LiaojiAcun Zhen, Zhangjiajie Shi
Some people may say that globalism destroys diversity of our culture and individualism, but it is not too much to say that English has become a global language and brought globalization
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Teach English in Lingxi Zhen, Zhangjiajie Shi
Rapport in the classroom can often be avoided in favour of other variables such as methods of teaching, testing and techniques of assessing the effectiveness of your teaching, but has an important place in creating a good teaching environment
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Teach English in Ruitapu Zhen, Zhangjiajie Shi
Teaching English as a foreign language to kindergarteners can be fun and seem quite easy because little children are easily involved but it requires a special personality and skill to teach kindergarteners
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Teach English in TiAnxingshAn Linchang, Zhangjiajie Shi
Applying cultural sensitivity in the classroom hinges on various of the fundamental qualities that make up a good teacher: “ A good teacher should be kind and patient […]  A good teacher should have a good rapport and interaction with the class […]  A good teacher should be able to involve all students equally throughout the lesson  A good teacher should be able to correct students without offending them or affecting their motivation” (ITTT Course, Unit 1, page 1) As an English teacher in a foreign place, to handle cultural sensitivity well, you also need to have some knowledge of local culture
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