Teach English in Houping Zhen - Zhangjiajie Shi

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Teaching is a profession that creates all other professions. And this is why it is by far the most important profession. But does that mean all genius students can be a good teacher? No, absolutely not, to be a good teacher you need not be the topper of your class. To be a good teacher you need to have a few skill sets. Few people are blessed with such skillsets while others need to learn those skills. Let us imagine a classroom situation- A group of student is taught a chapter in English by two different teachers. Let us suppose that the age group of the children is 9-10 years. Now, the first teacher is a PhD in English from one of the top universities in the World. The teacher gives a lecture as well as well-prepared notes in a way that the teacher thinks is satisfying for the class but fails to approach the student completely. The second teacher, on the other hand, holds a bachelor’s degree and a teaching degree. The teacher does not provide any pre-prepared note to the students instead makes sure that the student understood the lesson and prepares their own notes in the next class. The students seem to be very happy with the second method of teaching even though they must work a bit harder and not spoon-fed, it’s because they have now understood the lesson instead of just mugging up the notes for an exam. So, from the above example, we see that it’s not the degree of a teacher that matters, it’s the art of communicating with your students. And communication is a very important teaching skill that every teacher should learn. Speaking of teaching skills, one might feel how hard can that be, and anyone and everyone can be a teacher, they might feel that teachers need not have any skill set. But that’s not true, to be a good teacher you need to learn the teaching skills. Excellent communication is one such skill, another very important skill a teacher needs to learn is patience. This skill is especially important for a teacher who teaches young kids. One can’t expect a smooth-running class with an age group of 6-10 years. There will complain, there will be noise and to handle such a situation and complete the lesson in a smooth manner all a teacher needs is patience. Teaching English to people of non- English-speaking countries need a different level of patience. Imagine, what would have happened if your ballet teacher would have the patience to teach ballet, you would have never learnt that dance perform. So, whether he/she is a subject teacher or drawing teacher, every teacher needs to adopt this most important skill, patience. I have primarily discussed the two most important skills a teacher to need to learn that is communication and patience. But there are many other skills that every teacher needs to learn- creativity, organization, self-discipline, confidence etc. We need to keep in mind, a child or student always follows his / her teacher. So, it’s very important that adopt these teaching skills if we really want to be a teacher. And timely self-evaluation is another important thing that every teacher should learn. We need to understand this fact that no high-level of college degrees can make us a great teacher, a great and respected teacher is one who truly possesses the teaching skills.