Teach English in JiaoziyA Zhen - Zhangjiajie Shi

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Teaching is defined as the noblest profession as it helps to nurture young minds and mold them into something great. It aims to prepare and guide the next generation and skilled professionals for the development of the nation. Therefore, it is considered as means for which God uses a teacher as an instrument to touch lives. There are enormous numbers of benefit that a teacher can get. But the real question, what is the greatest part of being a teacher? Indeed, it is an honor and great privilege to be a professional teacher and served the country with the best of my knowledge. I have been teaching for almost 2 years and I could say that the work of a teacher is more than just a profession. Though, I'm still new to the teaching industry, I have almost witnessed the faces of the job that I am in. I have seen the superficial advantages and most importantly the deeper satisfaction that I can get through this profession. To answer the question mentioned above, I made a few lists of the best parts of being a teacher and its perks. Same with the majority of people, one perks of being a teacher is getting a summer and holiday vacation. It is true that this is one of the best benefits that even the most dedicated teacher enjoys and looks forward to. It gives teacher to make some time for them to unwind from stress and regain their energy in order to survive throughout the school year. The idea of lifelong learning is also a benefit that a teacher could get. Aiming to keep professional growth and career development are associated in this perks. As a teacher, it is a major requirement to pursue higher education in order to get better vision of your career path and gain more chances of promotion. In addition to this, a teacher must know how to make adjustments on the constant changes in technology and culture considering that it is already a 21st century phase. Building pleasant relationships toward your students is also a benefit that a teacher could have. It provides a deeper satisfaction as an individual as you get the chance to influence other's lives to become someone better. Above all the perks mentioned, the best part of being a teacher most importantly is to know that this profession gives me a 'sense of purpose'. It gives a great fulfillment knowing that you are not just working to earn for a living but also helping other individuals in order to achieve their dreams. It is really sweet to witness that they are able to unleash their full potentials and abilities through your guidance and help. As stated in a quote by Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." This quotation means a lot to me and if I have the chance to help change the world to become better, I will always put myself in this calling and be proud that I become a teacher.