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Some people may say that globalism destroys diversity of our culture and individualism, but it is not too much to say that English has become a global language and brought globalization.  There are about 7.3 billion people in the world and about 1.5 billion people among them speak English as a first or second language.  Namely, about twenty percent of people in the world speak English.  Actually, there are only less than a half billion people are native speakers of English.  People who speak Chinese take up about 18 percent of world population, but almost all of them are native speaker of Chinese and they speak Chinese only when they talk with Chinese.  In this meaning, Chinese still can’t be called a global language even though their GDP will be the largest in the world in a few years.        English is also the most widely spoken language in the world.  There are about 200 hundred countries in the world and in more than 70 countries out of the 200, people speak English as a common or official language.  Furthermore, many people who live in the rest of the 130 countries need to speak English to communicate or deal with the people all over the world as a common language.  We also need to add the number of people who are learning English to the 1.5 billion English speakers.  As a result, there are much more than 1.5 billion English speakers on this planet.  The number will keep increasing.       Most of the internationally academic theses should be written in English to be understood by as many people as possible.  Most of the latest information will be found in newspapers, magazines and online articles written in English.  Of course learning other foreign languages is still very important in order to deeply appreciate their culture, people and artworks and so on.  We should appreciate the diversity of our culture.  We have to realize some culture can be lost by the influence from English.  However, we still need a common global language to interact with the people all over the world in the simplest way.  No country can survive without depending on other countries.      People in some countries like Japan once had a great difficulty acquiring English proficiency because of too little exposure to English.  Thanks to the advent of the Internet, it is a lot easier for Japanese to learn English without studying or working overseas nowadays.  This will be a great beneficial for many Japanese.  For some countries like the Philippines or some African countries which were colonized by the U.S. or Britain, now have better working opportunities to deal with people all over the world because of their proficiency in English.  Now a lot of them can work in call centers or teach English as online tutors or they can just work overseas.  English brought globalism into such countries.   There will be a lot more non-native English speakers in the world who are competitive in the global market now that we can be on a level playing field.  Let’s hope that globalization brought by English language also will bring an equal society, fair trades and a peaceful world.