Teach English in Lingyang Zhen - Zhangjiajie Shi

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Nowadays, while traveling, visiting schools and organizations, participating in seminars, I am meeting many people, who are working as teachers in various fields. I really admire this job, as it is one of the main profession, which gives opportunity to share skills and requires to always improve yourself. However, during the time full of online courses, web-seminars and self-education traditional teacher job became rare, but more appreciate if it is effective and unique. Then I became interested in English teacher job I understood that it is not enough to know English language. As in many other qualifications, also in English teaching, are special skills, which are necessary and important for every teacher, who wants his/her lessons to be effective and joyful. In this work, I would like to mention the main ones, why they are important and how to improve them. First of all, I would like to talk about patience. In my opinion, this skill is one of the most necessary while teaching. Dealing with different students and their parents, solving problems which can come over and over again, teaching some topics again and again, facing stress and anger, managing time and different tasks can be really challenging. To work through everything teacher must have great patience. Without this important tool, teacher can lose his/her students and will not be able to give lessons and focus on necessary topics. Also, talking about personality, lack of patience is giving frustration, extra stress, sadness, anger and other negative feelings. This can cause not just psychological, but also physical problems, such as blood pressure, heart disease, weight gain and others. However, even nowadays people are always in rush and patience is losing its place. There are still some ways how to improve it. Some of them are breathing exercises, making an effort to take time and think about activities which have been made, stop doing not important things, focus on goals and improve understanding that time is needed for those goals to be reach. The last thing is that teacher need to be careful and understand what makes them inpatient and why. In this way, it is possible to solve this problem and improve patience for his/ her own and students good. Secondly, I would like to mention, that for teacher it is important to have the skill of adaptability. There are many situations in life, when they have to work with different course books. Also, in different schools, regions, countries. Moreover with different cultures, ages or students who have not the same needs. Any new situation can ask a teacher to change his/her behavior, actions or approach in order to be able to teach and to be understood by students. Lack of adaptability can lead to difficulties in problem solving. For example, having a system of teaching, which was used in his country schools. Coming to another culture with new conditions and dissimilar leaning methods could lead to issues in teaching effectiveness. If teacher can not adapt his/her teaching will be useless and even can harm students’ wish to learn language or even attend school. This is the example of teaching internationally. Another example can be when teacher is facing students of different ages. This situation needs adaptability skill, because it requires different lessons, preparation and even different behavior. However, as adaptability is considered as a skill, it can be improved. Some ways of doing it can be setting the mindset to be open and ready to accept, set small goals or observe situation in general. Moreover, adaptability can be improved by asking questions, staying calm and gaining new skills. Finally, imagination should be also mentioned. Most people nowadays are thinking that this ability is necessary just for artists, however in teacher job this is one of the most important aspects. While knowledge, grammar and various rules are important building blocks, imagination is the synthesis of that knowledge. Imagination is important not just while solving problems in classroom, but also while preparing courses. A god preparation of classroom, games and learning material can be main point for having effective, interesting and joyful lesson. One of very common example of imagination in classroom is its decor. Small kids are usually learning through visuals, so many teachers nowadays are decorating classrooms with various numbers, alphabets or name of colours. Decorations which are attractive for kid’s eyes makes them to remember it easier. Another example can be then teacher is facing difficulties teaching youth which is not interested in learning. For example, hard grammar rules. In this case teacher can think about games, which would be enjoyable to play, but at the same time would give basic rules and understanding of them. These examples show different level of imagination in different situations. Teacher can face problems with loss of interest or routine methods when having lack of imagination. However, teacher have to know that imagination and creativity can be improved by adding in their life’s more daydreaming, relaxation, fun activities, meditation. Also, it is very useful to find hobbies which are enriching their imagination, for example playing instruments, drawing, listening to music without lyrics. In conclusion, I would like to say, that for every teacher it is really important to have main teaching skills. To understand their meaning and ways of learning them will help them to create interesting and joyful class activities. This is important for students to be able to learn easier, to have motivation and interest in learning and for teacher to be able to enjoy his/her job and create opportunities for his/her career. Learning how to be creative, to stay patience or how to adapt in different situations can be a hard task. However, main thing is to be an inspiring teacher.