Teach English in Liyuan Zhen - Zhangjiajie Shi

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We have all had experience with classes we enjoyed, and have all have had experiences with classes we were not too pleased with. One might think that one enjoys a class because the teacher is funny, or the material is easy, or even your peers are nice, but when you begin to think back at the differences between the classes you enjoyed versus the classes you weren’t too fond of, the main difference is organization. Organization of a classroom sets the tone for how the classroom is to be ran, and sets expectations for the students as well as the teacher. Organization falls on the teacher. The first day students come in, they take subconscious notes on if the teacher is on time, if the teacher looks frazzled, and how well the teacher does with maintaining herself. If the students see that the teacher is unprepared, that in essence sets the standard for how the class is going to be run in the student’s minds. On the contrary, if the teacher comes to class on time, has everything organized, and is ready to begin class at the expected time, every class period, this lets the students know he/she is serious and the students should be as well. Organization is extremely important in the first class period, but also is just as important throughout the course of the class. Having an organized lesson plan is essential to preparing students, since they will know what assignments are due by a certain day, and what needs to be learned by a certain day, making learning easy. By having organization in the classroom, students will respect your authority, and be much more willing to learn since they won’t be confused by what is going on, nor will they be surprised by what activities are being done. It is vital that you set clear expectations and have a routine in your classroom that doesn’t make learning too repetitive, but also makes sure the students are not becoming confused. I am fond of the ESA approach, engaging students in the beginning of class is necessary to wake their brains up from their native language and get them engaged with the material. Studying is important for learning new concepts, which is what they are there to do. Activating is equally as important, since this is where they will be putting what they just learned, as well as what they already know, to the test, whether that is with partner work, or group discussions. Being organized also includes making sure the students know what they need to be learning and have learned. When I am a teacher, I plan to organize my lesson plans each day, having a rough outline and writing an objective on the board so students have clear expectations as to what needs to be done. Having an outline is necessary when teaching older students, but if you are teaching younger kids, it can be fluid and flexible to keep the kids entertained. Having course structure is necessary for successful language learning because that is what sets the standards for the foreign language class. I intend to incorporate these guidelines into every individual class I teach, as well as having structure throughout the whole course so students know what to expect and are aware.