Teach English in Longtanping Zhen - Zhangjiajie Shi

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Motivation has a significant impact on a students' desire to learn and to retain information. Where is this incredible motivation derived from, and how is it maintained to build confidence and achieve success? There are two types of motivation; intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsically motivated individuals are naturally curious and love to soak up knowledge. They are energetic and enthusiastic. Students possessing these attributes appear to reach higher achievements and have stronger self-confidence. A group of students, such as this, would provide for a dream classroom setting! Enthusiasm will grow exponentially when the teacher shares this same attribute. However, if the teacher is dull and indifferent, the high level of motivation can soon diminish. Extrinsically motivated students are usually learning out of necessity and therefore motivated by the outcome of a passing grade or landing a job. Some possible motivators, in this case, would be parental or peer expectations. This group of learners would require a more exuberant, animated teacher with an abundance of creative ideas. In either case, be it intrinsic or extrinsic learners, a good teacher is a cornerstone of the classroom. It is essential to provide a comfortable environment in which a student is not intimidated to speak up. The teacher must be friendly and easily approachable, and should get to know all of the students! What are their interests? Where do they enjoy spending their time? Do they have siblings or pets? This personal insight will allow the development of engaging lessons in which the students will be excited to participate. Individuals are eager to learn and are more likely to remember the newly acquired information when they are interested in the subject matter. To build momentum and keep motivation high, the teacher needs to deliver lessons with passion. Including material from a variety of topics, as discovered from getting to know the students individually, would be beneficial. The teachers' efforts will demonstrate genuine caring and will foster learning. Some other ideas to maintain gratifying lessons would be to vary the sequences between the engage, study and activate phases. Engage by eliciting new vocabulary in a variety of ways. A discussion prompted by such things as pictures, short reading texts, audio or video extracts, headlines or real objects will keep things interesting. Use games. Mix it up and do not be predictable. There are numerous different visual aids and games to facilitate students' participation. Have fun together. Make it entertaining! The study phase can involve working individually, in pairs or groups, using worksheets, games or interviewing one another, just as a few examples. The activate stage should include activities that demonstrate the degree of understanding and may involve the full class. If the subject is English then the students' activities can be anything from role-playing, debates, presentations, story building, and communication games for starters. Regardless of intrinsic learners being simpler to teach; it is still vital to be a good role model. Smile, be passionate and listen attentively. Motivation can be lost if the student does not receive positive feedback and encouragement, as well as constructive criticism. Be fair and consistent with assessments. Extrinsically motivated students require more encouragement and patience. A great teacher will focus on accomplishments rather than failures. Correct when necessary and provide extra support where needed. Equal attention should be given to all students as much as possible, and there should not be favouritism. Allowing the students a choice of which activities they would like to participate in can also increase their engagement and level of enthusiasm. Activities can meet all of the learning objectives while catering to various learning styles. A dedicated teacher, who takes the time to prepare pleasurable, organized lesson plans, keeping in mind the student needs will attain high levels of motivation. Promote maximum student participation and keep teacher talk time to a minimum. Be prepared, and always have a backup plan! There are endless resources available. Be inspirational!!