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There exist varied problems plaguing students of different Nationalities studying in different countries of the world. These problems might fall within the different categories enumerated below: -Language -Political -Social and Economic -Traditions -Culture and customary practices -Regions backgrounds. Just to name these. *Language is one of the factors that poses a problem to students of different Nationalities. Language is vital as it is a major tool used in communication. Students face problems when they cannot master the language of communication of a particular country. Most often students do not perform well because of the barrier in language. Most often they rely on translations and interpretations that usually does not carry the same strength of the message as the speaker intended.Therefore in order for students to be inline with all the activities (including their studies) of the country where they find themselves, is to learn understand and master the language of the country, if not they won't be able to move on or achieve their initial aim. *Politics among countries might also pose problems to students of different Nationalities. Given the fact that no country exist in and by itself, countries are bound to inter- relate with each other depending on the benefits that they will get from each other. If the Political relations between countries is not cordial, the laws and policies may not benefit the students, hence poses problems to students studying in the countries in question limiting them from obtaining their initial aim. *Social and economic differences among countries may affect students of different nationalities Most often the taxation law and other economic policies may not favor students of different nationalities. Taking into consideration that countries usually enact laws that will boost trade as well as goods and services that will benefit them. Nevertheless these laws most often are detrimental to students of different Nationalities who may suffer from prize hikes and expensive services from the countries concerned *Traditions in general are the different ways of life that have been adopted by different communities in different countries. Traditions are usually part and parcel of people's lives and its difficult to separate them from their Traditions. Students of different Nationalities will have to cope with different traditions that might sometimes pose lots of problems to them. They will have to take a longer time to accept, learn and understand these different traditions of the given country where they find themselves *Religious beliefs and the practice of Religion is another important factor that poses a problem to students of different Nationalities. The differences in Religious beliefs and the practice of the different Religions has over time generated a lot of conflicts and in most cases violent. These differences have let to barriers, prejudices and hatred that naturally affect students of different Nationalities that may be studying in Nations where Religious discrimination and intolerance are known to be rampant. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that there is always a way out for challenges that occur in every sphere of life. The problems faced by international students could be resolved in other to create safe spaces for students studying in different countries. This will guarantee the authenticity of students and more positive impact will be created in people's lives and the global society in general.