Teach English in Yuanguping Zhen - Zhangjiajie Shi

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Many students who desire to learn a second language, especially English, often lack the confidence they need to learn the coursework and openly engage in the classroom. Teachers are in a position to not only encourage students but also to help them overcome their fears about learning English as a second language. Students who lack confidence sometimes have a preconceived image of themselves not being able to learn the material or able to speak English in front of other people. A teacher needs to help the students refocus their thoughts on what they can learn versus what they don't know or feel they can't learn. Building confidence in students is part of a good teacher's job, and there are different strategies that an educator can use to do so. Building confidence in students makes all the difference. Confident students will have an easier time learning and speaking English inside and outside the classroom. Teachers should use positive and encouraging words to help build confidence in their students. Creating opportunities for students to be successful in the classroom is a great strategy to start building confidence in students. Showing students that you care is the most crucial step in helping them develop the confidence they need to learn a new language. Teachers should build on a student's strengths to motivate them. It is not a good idea to start correcting students while they are speaking in English. A teacher should listen intently and wait until the student finishes speaking before providing gentle and encouraging feedback. Teachers who express a positive attitude in the classroom and towards the students will be more likely to be able to help students; build their confidence, and become better learners. Actively involving students in the classroom will also help build up their confidence and learn more. Building confidence in students not only helps them learn faster; it helps them develop stronger fluency and better communication skills in English. Teachers can also encourage students to use more visuals to build up their confidence when speaking with other people. Students who use visual aids to tell a story are probably more confident than a novice student who attempts to talk in the second language without a point of reference or visual aid. Teaching students to be more goal-oriented is another excellent way for students to build confidence and help him or her learn. Confident students become happier students and are better at learning and using English in the classroom and outside the class in everyday life situations. Confidence is one of the biggest challenges in life, especially in learning a new language. Without confidence, life seems more complicated, and English as a second language is more challenging to learn. Building confidence helps a student be more successful in learning and life in general. Teachers who provide more recognition when students achieve specific goals are also helping the student build his or her confidence. Teachers are instrumental in assisting students in developing their confidence and becoming better learners. Being a confident student will positively impact their goal of learning English.