Teach English in Changle Zhen - Zhongwei Shi

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Unit 13 is a lesson for teaching pronunciation and phonology.Pronunciation generally we can divide it into phonology and individual sounds,when phonology is more likely related to sentences but individual sounds are related to individual words.First,it clarifies the detail definition of phonology,giving me ideas of stress,rhythm and intonation.And the following learning about intonation shows me three common intonation patterns as well as the techniques for teaching intonation.The stress learning gives me detail sentences and words to make contrast for me to understand the differences.I think I have got clear guidelines from them.For the phonemic alphabet learning ,there are variation of English speaking accent,but the basic rule is the sounds of phonemic alphabet.It’s really useful that it provides articulation instructions for learning.Each phonetic symbol is classified into its corresponding place according to articulation.It’s clear and helpful for learning and teaching.At last,the techniques for the pronunciation of individual sounds are so receptive and useful.And the recommended materials will be great tools for my English pronunciation learning and teaching.Thank you.