Teach English in Laochengguanlibangongshi - Zhongwei Shi

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In this unite we considered Pronunciation and phonology. Learning sounds, stress and intonation will help students in pronunciation and understanding language.Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch in the whole sentence. Intonation carries a message in the sentence. We can express different emotions with the help of intonation. Normal intonation pattern is the rise/fall intonation (it indicates that you finished what you want to say). Second intonation pattern is the fall/rise intonation (indicates that the speaker didn't finish yet what he wants to say). The last pattern is the flat intonation (indicates that the speaker doesn't have much to say). Stress also plays an important role in the sentence as with the help of it we can understand what a speaker was trying to imply. And finally spelling and pronunciation are the most problematic area in learning English.Phonemic symbols come under consonants (voiced and unvoiced), vowels and diphthongs. The difference in the pronunciation sounds depends on the place and manner of articulation those are important to learn as well.