Teach English in Zhongyangchang - Zhongwei Shi

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This Unit was so far the most useful and crucial in my opinion. First of all, it shows the importance of pronunciation part of the lesson and how it is difficult even for teachers. It can help me to understand that my lesson should also include pronunciation teaching, understanding that it is one of the hardest areas in English. I found very useful the examples of intonation depending on the intention of the speaker. In this chapter it is also explained the use of stress in a sentence. I need to admit that I have not been aware how it can influence the understanding of the sentence. I have already printed the table showing stress by syllable - I am sure I will use it practically. Morover, I printed also the phonemic alphabet - it is one of the most important learning resources. The articulation is the area which I always found difficult - now I have all information gathered, including graphics, which makes that part much easier. All these theoretical information covers also practical teaching methods, like ''nonsense words'' or singing which are fun for students. This is very important - learning by having fun, especially if the skill is difficult for students. I know also that it is my decision when to include the pronuniation teaching into my lesson, but now I have also basis - some materials for my students !