TEFL Classroom management

I believe that Classroom Management is the key component in any educational setting. I believe that if a classroom is well manage by the teacher, the students can learn more not by punishing them with their behavior problems but to engage each students in every activities that takes place in the classroom. My goal is to make my classroom well manage so no students will be left behind in the lesson and make the environment organized.

I believe that teaching is a very difficult job because we have to deal with so many people with different personalities in our daily life. But if we make our classroom enjoyable and make the students feel that they are big part of the class, it will make them feel comfortable and they will participate more in class. I have always had large numbers of students in my class. At first it was difficult and frustrating especially when the class is so chaotic and students just don?t seem to listen to the teacher.

How do we manage our class? Some people naturally find it easy to manage their class. They teach easily and well where students respond positively, but for many of us we have hard time in dealing way we manage a good classroom environment. What if the students are shy? What if they are really noisy and loud? What if the class is just out of control? What if half of the class are intelligent and half are slow learners? How do we manage this problems in the classroom?

Here are some tips I find effective in my own experience in dealing with my students in the classroom.

Setting Rules in the Classroom

The teacher should set rules in the classroom. In setting the rules we have to be consistent with the rules and implement it of what we really want our students to obey and be consistent in letting them know what is appropriate and inappropriate to do in the classroom. ?Bill Rogers? talks about re-claiming teachable moments and how it is hard if you don?t catch a problem right from the beginning.? I believe that this may make it easier in the long run, but I do not think we have to use a teachable rule right from the start. We have to let our students feel comfortable first. But if a problem is really out of control after two months or even five months, a proper forceful teachable moment could teach the same thing being later in the class.

Class Arrangement

Classroom Arrangement Teachers can group the students in different ways. Some teachers like to have permanent groups like teams, for a long period or they may change them from time to time. Assign a leader for each group taking turns each week for everybody to have the chance of being a leader in their group. The teacher should not group the good students in one group and slow learners in one group. They should be mixed. It will not help them with their confidence rather it will create insecurities and inferiority complex in them. The students in each group are oblige to help one another to make their team best and make sure that nobody is left behind.

In my conclusion, As I said earlier that Classroom Management is the key component in any educational setting. The students should feel comfortable and always welcome by everybody. It is very important for us to make our classroom environment well manage for students to learn more and make it easy for us teachers to manage a large numbers of students in the class and be able to teach effectively. References: http://www.sample of research in essayclassroom management sample research http://.www.Classroom managementDiscipline by Design proactive discipline Colin Haysman, Stanford University How to Teach English by Barry Sesnan Ma. Theresa P. Pabillo

Author: Ma Therese Pabillo

Date of post: 2006-09-26