TEFL Why complete a TEFL / TESOL course

(1) 'The world is your classroom' is the TEFL International motto and four fun weeks with us is your ticket to living your dreams abroad, in exciting locations all over the world. Some people are attracted to a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Course for various reasons. Some people see the opportunity to help underprivileged people to learn English, some wish to travel extensively and some are in it for the good money that is offered in some countries. A TEFL Qualified Teacher can work with students of all ages, provided they meet the chosen countries visa requirements. A TEFL Qualified Teacher can travel the globe and earn a comfortable living teaching. A TEFL Qualified Teacher can also earn some very good money if they decide to work in countries such as Korea, where the tax rate is much lower. TEFL Courses are run all over the world, they are aimed at developing their students into competent teachers of English. An intensive 4 week TEFL course, is geared towards people from all backgrounds, whether people have previous teaching experience or not. For instance, the TEFL course run in Phuket, Thailand involves the following:

(1) '4-week intensive TESOL / TEFL course, 120+ hours ?Internationally recognized certification ?High practical content (9+ observed teaching practice hours with groups and individual students) ?Extensive teaching practice with different levels of English language learners 'Internationally experienced trainers 'Job guidance and placement 'High quality course materials 'Accommodation available All of this is offered for a paltry $1,500 USD.

The course instructs their students on the benefits and practice of ESA Methodology (Engage, Study, Activate) developed by Jeremy Harmer. This methodology has proven itself to the instructors of this course.

The students are also given two complete lessons in the Thai Language using the ESA Methodology. This assists students to realize that indeed you can learn another language, even when the lesson is taught without one single word of English coming from the teacher?s lips. The use of the Phonetic Alphabet is also taught to the students. Phonetics assist the students to make the sounds of a foreign language, which they may otherwise struggle to make. This assists in their attempts to correct pronunciation issues which they will encounter with students. Grammar is a major factor of the course. As native English speakers, people generally know how to use the language, however do not understand the grammatical rules as to why it is said a certain way. By knowing the grammatical rules, it in turn makes it easier to understand why a sentence is wrong and therefore teachers are able to give a reasonable explanation to their students. In concluding, if somebody for whatever reason is considering becoming a TEFL Qualified Teacher. The intensive four week course offered in Phuket Thailand, has a proven and successful method in teaching and developing their students into successful TEFL Qualified Teachers, who can travel the world for their own reasons.



Author: Alister Courtis

Date of post: 2006-05-12