TEFL EFL Employment Opportunities

Are you bored with your current occupation? How would you like to see the world, experience different cultures, and get paid for it? From Spain to Sunny San Diego the EFL market is an occupationally diverse and exciting place to begin or continue your EFL career. Opportunities are ever growing and demand for qualified EFL teachers is steadily rising.

The bulk of the positions are usually within the classroom; with a small variety of positions in other sectors such as: recruiting, EFL materials writing, volunteer positions, online teaching positions to even owning and operating your very own EFL School.

Employers can also vary from small private schools to large companies like Toyota.

One of the highest paying regions is and continues to be North East Asia in particular Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.


In Korea the demand for qualified EFL teachers has consistently outpaced the supply. Schools are willing to go the extra mile in order to secure a qualified instructor for a minimum of a 6 month contract with the typical contract being 12 months. Most schools are willing to pay a decent starting salary of around 1.9 million Won and up for more experienced and credentialed teachers. As a added perk, most schools will offer free round-trip air fare, a furnished apartment, take care of the work visa and provide severance pay equal to a full months salary upon completion of the contract.


It?s been said that Japan boasts more EFL teaching schools per square mile than any other country in the world. Even if this isn?t exactly true, opportunities in Japan continue to abound; but beware the competition is stiff. Japan is a very popular destination for EFL teachers and as a result employers are starting to offer less and less. Unlike Korea, most Japanese schools will not offer airfare or an apartment. Most schools, however, are willing to help locate an apartment and provide key money for the deposit. Another interesting thing to note is that most Japanese schools typically only hire after a face to face interview; whereas in Korea and some other countries you may be offered a position after a successful phone interview.


There are a host of teaching opportunities throughout Europe with most of them being reserved for holders of EU passports. Often time?s employers will state that they prefer or only accept UK nationals; nevertheless, Europe is still considered a great option for those that are willing to work hard to try to find and secure a good teaching position.


Universities are always a great option, and in my personal opinion the best option. Not only will you have a lot of free time, you?ll make a healthy salary. Depending on the country and the demand, some universities may hire an EFL teacher that doesn?t possess a M.A. degree. In most cases experience will be of more importance to the employer and may be more important than holding a master?s degree. I personally have met teachers that have secured University positions without having had a Master?s Degree. Most of these teachers were TEFL, CELTA or other EFL teaching certificate holders. I?ve even seen these types of positions being offered in major American Universities with the employer asking for 3-5 years of experience, a TEFL, CELTA or equivalent, and a Bachelors degree or 1- 2 years of experience with a M.A. in TESOL. I?ve heard that having a contact on the inside is also a great way to get recognized above other applicants.


Large companies are also looking for qualified EFL teachers to teach their staff and or executives business English. These positions will usually provide excellent compensation and a range of benefits including: a company car with insurance (sometimes there are driving restrictions as to where you can go), paid vacations, bonuses and a free furnished apartment.

So whatever your choices may be choose carefully and remember to investigate potential employers by searching the internet for blacklisted schools and by asking to speak to a former or current western English teacher.

Whether it be Asia, Europe, the America?s or Africa the EFL field is a global market place that stands ready and waiting for qualified applicants from most English speaking countries, so hurry up and get started, opportunities are out there and waiting for you.

Author: Amery Drummond

Date of post: 2006-11-20