TEFL English as a global language

Global English? in a sociolinguistic context refers almost literally to the use of English as a global language Englishl.? The English language as a global language has proved itself to be taught and learned by people from all across the world. In many countries English is usually taught as second language and there is a big demand for knowledge to speak. TEFL courses will help to create English as a global language by continuing to create in classroom sights around the world, especially in countries where English is only spoken as a second language or not spoken at all.

?The English language is important for ?science? as it brings efficiency to a subject, but in the scheme of literature, the English language is very hard to translate into other languages therefore making most translations only approximations which would not make the translation factual I believe that a universal language in the world can benefit many different cultures to communicate with one another. As a means of translation, I think that the English language should be taught more thoroughly in the literature sense. Translations should be taken more into consideration and possibly taught to English native speakers to pass along when teaching the verbal language.

TEFL courses have and will continue to enhance the knowledge of people who wish to speak and communicate in English. By implementing English into small societies such as in the local town of Phuket, English efficiency will spread. By starting to teach in smaller English in communities rather then larger cities, will help create a concentration for people who are willing to learn and pass along that free classes are available at the local TEFL school if one is available. Word of mouth, even if it?s in the natural tongue of the speaker is always the best way to spread news. When a local person in Phuket town tells theirs friends they are receiving ?free? English courses from TEFL school and are actually learning words and phrases, more people will be drawn to receive the same language course so they can better communicate English as a global language.

Since there can be multiple meanings for a single word and the fact that native English speaking countries around the world use words differently as well as spelling words differently, confusion can arise. ?The battle rages in the conflict between Wikipedia, the sprawling internet encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia Britannica, the canon versus the loose cannon In each of these sources English will most likely be spelled differently from one another depending on the place the dictionary was published.

?In a report for the British Council, a government body that promotes English culture around the world, a linguist, David Graddol, cites figures saying that 500 million to a billion people speak English now, as either a first or second language The numbers continue to grow as people want to become more knowledgeable about English as an up and coming global language.

Human communication has been now and forever started as a nonverbal stance. Since there are many barriers with nonverbal communication and controversy that has brewed because people have read nonverbal communication incorrectly, creating English as global universal language will enhance peoples ability to stay connected. ?Today we are living in a "Global Village." As the Internet explosively grows, more and more people are becoming aware of this "Global Village" on a personal level. People correspond with others from around the globe on a regular basis, products are bought and sold with increasing ease from all over the word and "real time" coverage of major news events is taken for granted. English plays a central role in this "globalization" and it has become the de facto language of choice for communication between the various peoples of the world Since globalization plays a major role in the import and export of business, TEFL will soon become a demand in more parts of the world. This is true because in order for trade to expand among various countries around the world, verbal communication of English will need to be known.

TEFL has enhanced my knowledge of the English language. I hope to spread this language globally by teaching people who are interested in learning how to speak. I believe it is also important for me to have knowledge of other languages so I can better communicate with people who are not yet familiar with English. TEFL is a positive learning environment and will eventually spread the word of greater English fluency among non English speakers.

Author: Emili Lauble

Date of post: 2006-09-26