TEFL Games in the classroom

G - Get-together A - Achieve the Aim M - More interest E - Easy Learning

Many years ago teaching was only recognized for only getting knowledge but now a days as the world has become modern with different scientific techniques only giving knowledge to the students has become old fashioned. Nowadays students and teachers both like to take and give knowledge with fun. So game has become the part of the class. Games also make the students to catch the subject more spontaneously and with great interest.

Game is a form of play especially with rules. If it is played in classroom it makes the classroom atmosphere playful and keep the students engaged with their study with interest and fun. Not only small children but even big people like to learn with fun. Fun makes the topic more easy and interesting also. If you just keep on teaching students initially they will pay attention but after some time they will get bored and rest part of the lesson they will not understand. But if u teach them with games it will create interest in them and it will also create a desire in them to learn more.

There are many different games that can be played in classroom some of them are as follows: Bingo, Thumb We sterling, Blindfold Guess, Blindfold Course, Blind Toss, Pass the Chicken, Chain Reaction, Four Corners, Sparkle, Password etc. Game can be played any time in class before starting the lesson , also after finishing the lesson and also in between the lesson. If it is played before the lesson. It builds the interest of the student to learn the subject and if it is played in between the lesson it makes easy to understand the lesson and if it is played after the lesson it make them relax and if it is connected with the lesson it helps them to clear their concept.

If students know it that there is going to be game played in the class on related to the subject they pay total attention in class and if the game is played in group they give the answers quickly and correctly in order to make their team or group win. As this theory of playing game has been very successful so their have been started many play schools so that small children can learn and play together. This helps them to attack towards the subject.

If it is played in groups it creates team spirit and also create responsibility in each student towards their group and it also help them to communicate with each other. Only teaching lesson to students may lead to only teacher and few students participation but if lesson is taught with games it will lead to teacher and all students participation and involvement. If a certain group or student win the game it also creates a s?ance of encouragement in the students. Next time they always try to give their best performance.

Conclusion: Thus games in classroom creates friendly, encouraging and interesting atmosphere with lot of entertainment, fun and knowledge too.

Author: Pinky Aswani

Date of post: 2006-08-22