English as a global language During the history of mankind, there

During the history of mankind, there have been several more or less universal languages such as Latin (and Greek) in the Roman empire, medieval Latin in Western Europe, later French and English.No language has been really universal (global), but the current position of English comes closest..A ccording to a recent survey that was carried out among the U:N officials regarding the langauge that is best suited for receiving corresponce and publications,the officials had to choose among english,french,and spanish.and the result was 130 nations chose english,36 chose french and 19 chose spanish. This means the representatives of 97% of the earths population picked english.

English is the language most often studied as a foreign language in the European union(by 89% of schoolchildren), followed by French (32%), German (18%), and Spanish (8%).It is also the most studied language in many asian countries such as in China, Japan and Taiwan. Another reason as to why english is being studied so keenly in developing countries is that with good langauge skills the chances of finding employment rises as the language is being used in many countries. And this fact has motivated many people from the asian region to learn the language thouroughly.

In addition english is used as the the official language for aircraft/airport and maritime communication, , and is also utilized in most of the international athletic organizations, including the Olympic Committee.Apart from all this I think another factor that has helped in making english a global langauge is the availability of Books, magazines, and newspapers written in English (such as Time and Newsweek) are available in many countries around the world.Another fielsd in which english is being used would be the science field. In 1997, the Science Citation Index reported that 95% of its articles were written in English, even though only half of them came from authors in English-speaking countries. English is also commonly used as a medium for the communication of information and news. Three quarters of all telex messages and telegrams are sent in English. Much of the satellite communication is carried in English. Five thousand newspapers, more than half of the newspapers published in the world, are published in English. Even in many countries where English is a minority language, there is at least one newspaper in English. In India alone, there are three thousand magazines published in English. In many countries, television news is broadcast in English. Because of the power of television, demonstrators in every country use signs printed in English for the benefit of the international press. Even the buissiness field makes use of this language widely. For instance it is the language that an Iranian businessman and a Japanese businessman are likely to use to communicate sine both have different mother tongues the comon language that comes in handy will be english.. iIn addition important commodities such as silver, tin, and hard currency are traded in English.Another good reason why english is becoming more global would be the entertainment branch.As we all know all of us are die hard fans of good hollywood movies and we do have a soft corner for the pop musci from UK and USA:And since both these elements cater to a wide variety of people it has also assited in making the language more reachable to all the people and has made it popular simultaneoulsy.

Although today english is on its way to becoming the global langauge there is also another fact that needs to be considered since "everyone" knows and uses English, people are almost forced to learn English and use it, and learn it better. And this has also assisited in making the language more global.According to a recent research done certain researchers say that english can lose its position as a widely used universal language in two ways. Either a new empire emerges and its language becomes universal, or a constructed language becomes very popular. I believe most people regard both of these alternatives as extremely improbable, if not impossible.

In conclusion even though it does not have the greatest number of speakers in the world, it is the most widely used language in the world, and it will be used by more people in the future...

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