Games in the classroom In the past when someone had a diploma

In the past when someone had a diploma from a school like Harvard or Yale it automatically means that they'll find a good job in the future. This myth has been proven wrong in the work place. Students with great diplomas are now finding it harder to find jobs that will accept them. Why' The students are leaving schools with knowledge that is unapplied and unused making them, in a sense, robots. This phenomenon reminds us of a famous quote, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' So, how does one solve this dilemma' Very simply put, application, and what better way to do it than through games.

One of the hardest things to do is getting the students to use and apply the knowledge that was taught, this could be done easily with game. Games don't only help motivate the students it helps, if used efficiently, the students to apply the knowledge. A simple game like I-Spy can be used to apply the use of colors in an English class. Although the use of games can motivate and engage the students it can also be used incorrectly if the games don't allow the students to apply their knowledge. Games are like ice-cream and must be used in moderation and only in its moderation can the full effect of games in the classroom be achieved.

The use of games in the classroom isn't really a new concept but is it one that most teachers seldom use effectively, or at all, in class. Games have always been used in a child's early years as a means of getting the child interested in the items taught. But as the child grew in age games were slowly phased because they though that the child is old enough to motivate themselves in their school work and therefore were unnecessary. In this fast paced world where people can get information at the click of a button holding ones attention in class gets harder to accomplish. This is the reason almost 20% - 30% of high-school students, dropout of school in America. For this reason and ones similar the teachers are now returning to the roots of education by incorporating games in their teaching and creating newer ways to reach the students.

In the fast paced world a fast paced means of learning is needed which is why the new wave of games for learning, will be digital. The invention of the computer had opened a new avenue for classroom games are being creating for. These types of game are good because they don't need the teacher's intervention to learn and they are fun and entertaining. Games for learning has now become such a big market that even the video gaming industry are now producing learning games. Although the use of the PC for learning is very helpful it requires each student to have access to their own PC as well as, setting up the software on all the PCs as well at the PC's maintenance. The use of learning games on the PC, like other type of games, if used moderately can help maintain its effectiveness in teaching and entertainment value.

The use of games in the classroom not only has helps to keep the students interested but is make the class more enjoyable for the students and the teachers. The use of games has now spanned into a wide range of avenues including the PC and the use of board games in the classroom. Therefore the use of games in moderation, in a classroom , can help the students apply what the learned and help them be more effective in the future.

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