How Teachers can Increase their Confidence in the Classroom Confidence is very important for a

Confidence is very important for a teacher to have. How can students feel confident if their teaching is not' Confidence can be hard to come by especially if you are a new teacher. It begins with you and there are some things you can do to build up your confidence. Before you even enter the classroom imagine how you would like your class to run and set the appropriate goals to achieve that aim. Be sure that your goals are attainable and can be reached by you and your students without unnecessary pressure. 'Start slowly and simply. Establish a daily routine your students can handle.'*

Prepare thoroughly for the class. This will take time and effort. To make the class interesting for your students you will probably add things to the lesson or have activities. For these to be successful they will have to be well thought out and planned. Go through, in your mind or write down what will be needed for the activity, how long it should take, and what involvement will be required of you. Write down how you will explain the activity to the class so that is will be clearly understood.

Make sure that you thoroughly understand the subject that you will be teaching, especially when it comes to teaching grammar or any areas that you find difficult. Look up what you don't fully understand so that if a student asks you a question you will be able to answer it right away. If you don't know the answer to a question that they have raised don't give information that you are unsure of. Do the research first. They will respect you and have more confidence in you if you always make sure that the information that you give is correct.

Give special attention to your opening activity. It will set the tone for the rest of the class. If they are involved and having fun for the first part it will be easier for them to have fun and be involved through to the last part.

Practicing what you will say and what gestures you will use before you go to class will build up your confidence because you will be surer of what you want to say. Practice how you are going to present the lesson to the class. Do this out loud so that you can hear yourself. Doing so will also set into your mind what you want to say. Practice using the descriptive gestures that will make the point all the clearer to the students. As you practice, visualize the class. Sit at a table or stand, just as you will when you teach the class.

'Try new things that feel right to you, strategies that allow you to operate within the bounds of personal comfort and integrity.'*

After class make notes on what worked well and what you can improve on. 'This habit will not only help you develop your powers of planning and anticipation, it will also help you avoid similar mistakes the next time you teach that concept or unit'Try keeping a journal to monitor your growth, if only one line a day on a calendar or date book. At the end of each day, write down at least one thing you felt good about, some concrete evidence of your growth and development.'*

'Avoid measuring yourself against other teachers.'* Everyone is better than someone else in one area or another. If you see a method another teacher is using that is successful you can apply it in your own teaching techniques.

By applying the points mentioned you will increase your confidence and thereby enjoy teaching your class all the more.

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