How teachers can increase their confidence in the classroom Confidence is being able to talk with

Confidence is being able to talk with ease, have a constant flow of positive energy, and not let anything get you down. When someone is confident they have higher levels of self-esteem and this is projected in their outward behavior. There are few things someone can do in order to boost their confidence level. Here are few:

Set goals. It is an important task to do. This is perhaps the most important task of them all. You should ask yourself what you wish to accomplish by being a more confident person. When you ask yourself this question, whatever comes to mind needs to be written down and constantly viewed a minimum of two times a day: Once in the morning and the second at night. This alone will enhance your confidence and bring your dreams to reality.

Increase your voice level by 10x in the classroom. You should not be afraid to speak loudly and with confidence in your classroom. In the beginning, it may feel awkward but through repetition it will become second nature. As a result, your confidence level will sky rocket at the positive reaction of your students.

Look your students in their face. There should not be too many cultural problems with looking your students in their face. Being their teacher you have the upper hand and you should use this to your advantage. By looking your students in their face, you are not only evaluating their reactions but you are also showing that you are strong and confident and this positive action will reflect on your confidence and self-esteem.

Show your smile more often. Whether you have a pretty smile or not, smiles in general are very addictive and usually have a positive effect on your viewers. Your smile will comfort your viewers and this will indefinitely show in their behavior towards you. When your viewers feel more at ease, your teaching manner will be more at ease too and this will reflect in your manner of teaching.

Be fully engage in your work. There is something amazing about being in a flow when teaching. You loose your sense of self and your teaching becomes natural. When you are in this flow state, ideas naturally come into your mind and your timidity or low self-esteem is far from entering your mind – even non-existent. To get into this flow state, you must eliminate all negative thoughts that come into your mind at all times and under all circumstances. Then the flow state could be reached.

Stand erect. This will have a physical influence on your mind. When you stand tall and erect your mind believes you are solid and grounded. This will in effect enhance your mood and you will start believing that you are confident without having to change too much.

Believe you are confident. A single belief can go a long ways. You have to put inside your head the belief that you are confident and then that short thought will take over and manifest itself in realty. To start believing you must repeat it daily with as much emotion that you can conjure up. In the beginning it may feel strange, but over time it will be apart of your daily routines just as much as brushing your teeth in the morning.

Your confidence level can be altered by changing your mental and physical state. Lastly, when you begin to act confident, your students will see the immediate change and reinforce your confidence by their new behavior towards you. In the end, you will be happy and your students will be happy because they will feel that you are knowledgeable and an expert in the field of teaching.