New Technology in the Classroom The research had been done by a group

The research had been done by a group of teachers including us. It was based on a project implemented by our school. Research included some books and internet articles that have been read before the time to give a basic guideline what to look for. The links are included at the bottom of the page. We personally went to different institutes to learn more about the latest technology used in Taiwan. It is not an article based on research using books and internet, but personal participation and experience.

This research article explains three concepts or methods currently used in our school or institutes in and around the country of Taiwan. New technology in a classroom has become a common teaching tool for everyday activities. We are privilege that we are in a country and environment where technology makes out a large percentage of teaching, learning, social life and the work place in general.

A presentation with an overhead projector, connected with a control panel and electronic clipboards for each student, makes lessons so much more interesting and productive. Where you use visual presentation in the engage stage, students interact with the presentation by selecting answers and playing games via the electronic clipboard. Interaction between the teacher and students improved the motivation and interest levels on a scale much higher that any model role a teacher can perform. It gives a student the change to see what he/she knows of that specific language lesson before actually study the concept. Information on data is private and only the teacher is able to monitor each student individually on his/her performance. Logs are kept to evaluate problem areas and progress, giving the teacher much more productive preparation time after careful assessment.

A new concept to replace all textbooks and writing material started to emerge in some elite schools. Basically everything is done on personal computers like laptops. The idea is targeted to students in a higher age group with an intermediate level of English. The students had to master handwriting skills already. In some cases homework is given particularly for handwriting exercises just to enforce the skill. The teacher has a central control system to present lessons from. The students follow the lessons much more intensely because presentation can be changed and altered at any time. Resources on the internet are used productively to answers questions and any kind of research to be done. Lessons ranging from Grammar, Writing, Phonics, and even Listening are done in this way. All homework is given in electronic format via public mail for the students to complete at home. This concept is also incorporated in the following idea that I will explain shortly. A very important aspect that is left out in most cases when it comes to Technology Base Teaching is that of basic typing exercises. Students are able to write in English but when it comes to typing, they have great difficulties. In the above concept, great emphasis is place on basic typing skills. It gives the students an advantage when traveling to foreign countries and applying for jobs in the Western society.

Technology widely used in today's society that excited for many years is still being used but just in another way. Language Lab Conversation & Reading Recording. It is one of my favorite activities at my present school. A room with sufficient workstations accommodating about 24 students, each with a build in cassette recorder, connected to a personal computer. The teacher has the ability to control each and every student's activity via the computer. The students read an article or a story, recording it on the cassette. The teacher is able to listen to individual student's reading or conversation and correct pronunciation or words. The ability to have group conversation is also a great feature. Students can have a conversation or group discussion, with or without the teacher's help. The progress of the students can be measured before, during, and after a specific lesson. The cassettes are returned home for the parents' reference.

There are many ways to incorporate new technology in everyday teaching activities. All depends on the school or institution financial ability to present it. It difficult for a single teacher to have these facilities, but a positive influence on management can change ideas like this for the better of teacher and most important, for the students. I believe that in the distant future, above mentioned methods will be widely implemented.


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