Teacher self analysis I feel compelled to write about this

I feel compelled to write about this topic because as a teacher, I feel a need to express some of my ideas, hopes and concerns, in a realistic and candid manner.

The completion of this course of study opens a very exciting door for me. I always had a passion for teaching little children. After spending my life as an Engineer and a designer of airplanes and oceangoing ships, the time has come for me to realize my dream.

At times, I have asked myself if I am really gifted to be a teacher. But, deep in my heart I know I am a teacher.

Earlier in my life I have been a flight instructor and a teacher of Engineering Applied Technology to adults at a business level. Not until now, have I had the opportunity to realize my dream of possibly teaching young beginners.

I believe a person needs a certain amount of vocation to be this kind of teacher. In addition to vocation, this person must have a true love for this activity and a great amount of compassion and patience for those young persons needing our daily help.

A person must have a lot of patience indeed, plus understanding when taking on this responsibility. We are in charge of providing those young people with the knowledge of a new language. For some of them, their future will depend on this new language we will be teaching them. Regardless of the circumstances, or wherever we find ourselves as we engage in this activity, we are responsible for the outcome of the process we are conducting.

Personally, I feel a great love and compassion for young children. I realize that at times, these duties will become difficult due to the variety of personalities and behaviors I will be encountering each time I stand in front of the class. At that moment, my main duty and my greatest obligation will be to give those little ones my knowledge, my gentle care and my guidance with much dedication and devotion. This doesn't mean that I would not enjoy teaching adults as well. On the contrary, I would like very much to teach adult classes. I enjoy the more formal setting of an adult class. But nothing compares with the joy of seeing the little ones being themselves and learning at a greater pace than the adults. I, as teacher will probably find myself attached to a particular group, or to certain individuals that will have the ability to capture my heart at one time or another. But, in spite of everything, I will always be a loving and caring teacher, no matter what. This is my nature and it will show each and every time.

I am fully aware that a person with these human qualities could easily run into problems, if character and discipline are not added to his/her performance in class.

In my own case, I can say that I am in possession of both qualities when it comes to my teaching duties. I am a loving and compassionate person by nature, but I am also a disciplinary teacher by nature as well.

I am anxious to take on my first assignment and I pray to God to allow me to be a true blessing to those I will have the honor and the joy to teach.