Things I wish I’d known before starting the course. I chose to write my article on this

I chose to write my article on this subject because I feel like I have so much to say about the course and how great I think it is. Wow! I don’t even know where to really begin because there is a lot that can be said about the course, but I will keep it to a minimum. I guess I would begin by saying that when I first registered for the course I thought it was going to be a breeze, because how could it not be' I am a native English speaker after all. I will say now that anyone who thinks this is in for a rude awakening. This course is very in depth and has taught me things that I would never have even considered before in the subject of teaching English as a foreign language.

The first few lessons seemed to be pretty straight forward and I still thought it would be fairly easy to finish the course in a short time but, once I started on the grammar section I was in for a rude awakening! I wish I would have known that I had basically forgotten all grammar since my younger school days and that I knew how much I take for granted the fact that I can just speak English. At one point during the grammar lesson I actually drove to chapters to see if I could find I book of beginners grammar that would help get through these lessons but I could not find anything that I thought could help. In the end I just read the lesson over and over again and really practiced and finally it seemed to click. I was nervous of what my tutor was going to think my grammar and I was presently surprised with good feedback. I wish I would have known how much skill there is to teaching English as a foreign language so I would have been more prepared for the course content but I do feel that I have learned a tremendous amount of useful information and I actually enjoyed it!

I guess in the end I have to say that I wish I would have know what I was getting myself into by trying to finish the course as quick as possible (for my venture to Taiwan) and working full time as a registered nurse. But because I really want to teach English as a foreign language I worked my way through the course at the speed that I had to to fully absorb the material and I must say that the course was very well planned and easy to follow. I have now re learned my grammar and many beneficial teaching skills that I plan to use in my teaching experience in Taiwan.