Why Complete A TEFL Course There are many advantages to completing

There are many advantages to completing a TEFL certified course. One very simple

reason, is if you're going to complete a course in English as a foreign language, TEFL is the

best choice because it is the most recognized. I am already pleasantly surprised how familiar

people from all ages and backgrounds are with this program. Literally every person I know

between the ages of fifteen and thirty knows someone or has taken a TOEFL language

exam for academic purposes. By completing a TEFL course you're at a greater advantage

than some other programs because you are associated with such a huge global symbol of

language learning.

After completing a TEFL course, the possibilities are countless. If you've ever

dreamed of living abroad, this is a perfect way of fulfilling that dream. All over Europe

students are preparing for English exams, and professionals are expanding their knowledge

of English for business purposes. With nearly a third of the world's population speaking at a

basic level of English, the number of language schools is massive! All this translates into a

massive work opportunity . I live in Budapest, Hungary, and in every district of the city

numerous language schools can be found; meaning numerous job opportunities for a

certified language teacher.

With TEFL, there is also a travel opportunity just to take the course. With classes

held in breathtaking, historical cities all over the world, you can fulfill your dreams of travel

as well as complete your course all at the same time. However, if you don't have the

flexibility to take off for your course, TEFL provides the flexibility for you. The internet

courses allow students to complete units at their own pace, and in their own time. If you are already working full time , but have a goal of completing the course, it can be easily achieved

by studying in your free time and submitting the units via email.

Yet another benefit of TEFL is that the course presents you with the skills you need

for nearly any teaching environment. Whether you prefer to work in a private language

school, with young children, or with business groups, rest assured that you will be presented

with all the resources you need to be a successful teacher. As well as providing teaching

skills, the course also provides you with a review of English grammar. Although these may not be the most exciting lessons in the course, I found it surprising how much I was able to

learn about my own language, and it also put learning foreign languages into a different

perspective for me.

Not only are there the obvious work and travel abroad benefits, but by becoming a

language teacher, it's also an experience that will broaden a teacher's horizons and personal

experiences. The mix of cultures you will be exposed to is countless, as each and every

student could come from a different country or cultural background. So not only are you

contributing to someone else's education and learning experience, but you'll also benefit

from their background. From the language classes I have attended, I have never seen people

of different cultures discriminating or judging each other. Instead, I see students and

teachers sharing their opinions, their cultures, traditions, and beliefs; all with an open mind.