Teach English in Baicheng Shi

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Teach English in Linhai Zhen, Baicheng Shi
The unit used 2 video lessons of the same group but having the teacher do one class with the right way to conduct the class and the other one with a bad way to conduct and teach the class
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Teach English in Sheli Zhen, Baicheng Shi
It was a very confused test, cant say much about because the question were very complicated and too tricky, this was not about the videos info, it was to make the student life complicated, I personally didnt like it, probably will have a law score
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Teach English in Tongfa Muchang, Baicheng Shi
The two videos are a typical example of teaching, from the fist video, the teacher is not professional and passionate, he didn't encourage students to speak and always lost patience to students
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