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Is teaching ESL/EFL online convenient? To answer this question correctly, I think First we must understand what is online teaching? What are the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching and then we can answer is online teaching convenient or not? In general, teaching online is a modern way of teaching any subjects or courses to students through the Internet using a computer and a webcam. Students can learn one-on-one or in a small group and the cost is usually cheaper compared to an in-person, face-to-face class. And now let's understand what is online ESL? Online ESL is when lessons are conducted through virtual classrooms instead of using the traditional way of education. This means that a lesson is done conveniently with the use of an Internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Online ESL schools use website platforms for their service. This is where the students and tutors access to learning materials, system support, and etc. Online teaching and learning known as distance learning or e-learning, differs from traditional education because students are not required to visit classrooms or language schools and listen to an instructor, trainer or teacher face-to-face. Now we will compare teaching ESL online and the traditional way of teaching, I mean offline teaching and see the difference between them. Firstly, in teaching online or the One-on-one online classes are conducted on Skype or different platforms and lesson materials are based on the student’s chosen curriculum but in teaching in-person or offline teaching, classes are conducted in traditional lectures with face-to-face interaction and pencil-and-paper activities. Secondly, in online teaching, the classes are scheduled based on the student’s preference and are conducted online. Tutors are free to choose when they would like to have lessons or can move the lesson to another time but in offline teaching classes are scheduled regularly and are conducted in either a classroom or the student’s own home. Teachers commit to a fixed teaching schedule and cannot change the time or place. Finally in online teaching, the teacher can help students in learning English by guiding them through the lesson materials, providing enough time for them to speak, and proactively correcting their mistakes but in offline teaching, the teacher does not have so much time for each student and correct each of their mistakes and teachers lead their classes by giving lectures to the students. I want to share my experience of teaching English online in one of the biggest online school in Russia. How did I start to work in this school and is it hard teaching online or no? Five months ago I find this job on the Internet and at that time I didn't know anything about online teaching but I had experience in offline teaching and it is totally different. After I started to search for information about online teaching and find many useful information and videos as well. Then I told my self that " I can do that " but in my mind, I also had so many fears and so many questions without answers and negative thoughts. One day I decided to apply for this job and I had an interview with the methodist of school, they asked me some easy questions about my experience and what method do I use in my classes and how can I motivate students for learning and etc. After one day I got a call from school and they told me that they accept me and send me instruction of using the platform and gave me 3-4 days for learning and practising and I was so happy but these many questions were still in my mind and I was so afraid to do something wrong in my demo class. So the demo class day come and I was really nervous and I prepared for that all night. Finally, I did it, I conduct my first lesson perfectly and so easy and everything was amazing. The platform is super. It has grammar materials with the rules, texts for reading, audio for listening, tests and exercises that you need and so comfortable for teachers and students as well. From that day I fall in love with online teaching because I don't need to get up early in the morning and don't need to go anywhere, less stress and the main thing is I enjoy it every moment. I love all of my students they are all different and every time something new I know and hear from them. I and my students are able to set our own times and schedules and I can teach from whatever location is convenient to me and also they can study from whatever they want. We can move or cancel our lessons if we need it. So It is Perfect. In conclusion what I want to answer the question 'Is teaching ESL/EFL online convenient? I want to say 100% yes. It is so comfortable so convenient and so enjoyable for both students and teachers as well. And it has many benefits and I mention them above. Now I can say that ESL Online teaching and learning is truly about students and teachers convenience.