Teach English in Shangrao Shi

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Teach English in Bimu Zhen, Shangrao Shi
Lesson planning is essential to deliver a satisfying and engaging lesson to students: it has to be clear and simple, so the teacher can refer to it during the lesson
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Teach English in Dayuan Zhen, Shangrao Shi
The unit outlined different views on lesson planning and how finding a balance is likely the path taken by most teachers, whereby they neither over nor under-plan
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Teach English in Fuchun Zhen, Shangrao Shi
The Lesson Planning refers backs to the ESA methodology and includes it in this area of Lesson Planning - that will help in my teaching by utilizing my own lesson plan in the form of ESA
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Teach English in Guifeng Zhen, Shangrao Shi
Teachers who don't make any lesson planning would be not prepare to deal with some of the language problems, despite some theories suggest that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centred lesson
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Teach English in Hekou Zhen, Shangrao Shi
This unit gave good examples of how to structure lessons in more detail; in particular I appreciated the detailed example of a lesson plan with a blank plan for me to create my own
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