Teach English in Yingtan Shi

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Teach English in Hetanbu Kenzhichang, Yingtan Shi
The attitude a teacher has during a class has a direct impact on student's participation, so being friendly and encouraging, we can help students take part in the activities more willingly
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Teach English in Jinjiang Zhen, Yingtan Shi
This unit requires one to watch two examples of a lesson being taught and demonstrates how a teacher's attitude and methods of teaching can affect the class's learning
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Teach English in Maquan Zhen, Yingtan Shi
Some of the points that draw my attention regarding this unit and the videos are fundamentally related to the question of how does the teacher create a "good lesson" for his students? I distinguished and learned that four elements are of utmost importance (structure, variation, motivation, and discussion)
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Teach English in Shuangzhen Linchang, Yingtan Shi
This unit projects two videos recorded during a lesson being taught twice ,In the first video the teacher made a huge number of errors as the lesson was completely teacher centered, his attitude towards students wasn’t nice at all which actually left students frustrated and consequently hampered their interest in the lessons
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Teach English in Sili Zhen, Yingtan Shi
As you think of the class you're teaching or the goals students should achieve during the lesson, it is important you make good use of your attitude as it may deeply affect the process students will engage in, and as a result, students may not be at all engaged to the activities and won't be interested in either asking questions or trying to understand the material reviewed in class
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