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Nevada is one of the most visited states in the USA, due to its vibrant cities and exceptional landscapes. When the silver mining began in Nevada in 1858, the state has seen tremendous waves of immigration from all parts of the world. Still today, Nevada is often referred to as “The Silver State” due to its importance in the silver industry for the United States. Come to Nevada and you will find that its five regions of Ely, Elko, Las Vegas, Tonopah, and Reno have a lot to offer. Deserts, canyons, sandstones, and rivers are what makes Nevada such a unique place.

Northern Nevada is home to Red Rock Canyon, one of the most interesting parks in the area. Imagine red sandstones, blue skies, and cowboys riding majestic horses. If you do not want to join them on horseback, simply rent a bike or explore the area on foot. Each year in spring, many adventurous rock climbers also meet at the canyon for the annual “Red Rock Rendezvous”. There is also a different side to Nevada. According to numerous accounts, the area around Route 375 is a hot spot for extraterrestrial occurrences where UFOs have been spotted.

You can also find pure relaxation at one of Nevada’s many hot springs. Bog Hot Springs and Spencer Hot Springs are amongst the most popular in the state. The former sees water rushing through at over 1,000 gallons per minute, while the latter is a calmer body of water. Both of them are the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Nevada also offers a collection of exciting cities that you should not miss visiting. The city of Reno is a great example of a vibrant destination in the state. The city is famous for its state-of-the-art galleries, museums, and exhibitions in the art district. One of its most renowned landmarks is the Reno Arch. Locate on Truckee River, visitors can enjoy a long walk or picnic on the riverfront.

Las Vegas is, without a doubt, the most famous city in Nevada. When visiting this unique place, you will soon notice that anything is possible in Las Vegas. The city if often referred to as the “entertainment capital of the world” and it’s not hard to see why. The Strip is the most famous street in the city surrounded by countless casinos, hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and theaters. Las Vegas does never go to sleep as the majority of businesses operate 24/7. However, you will be surprised to note that there are also countless museums in Vegas. In fact, the city has a long history including the famous Mobsters who controlled the city years ago.

While many come to Nevada to have fun and travel, there are also a lot of students attracted by the state's prestigious schools, such as the College of Southern Nevada or the University of Nevada. If you take your TEFL/TESOL course in Nevada, you will not only have the time of your life but also graduate with an internationally recognized teaching qualification and limitless employment options.

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