TEFL - 140 Hr TEFL

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I. R. South Korea said:
I have been teaching for 10 years, but I have never taught english as a foreign language. My field of expertise lies in Music, especially Singing and Body-voice-integration. My students have almost always been students who are taught in english but whose mother tongue is something different, and if I knew what I would gain from this course I would have taken it ten years ago. Throughout the course the information provided on tenses and grammatical structures and language function has been invaluable, because of this I feel so much more confident and skilled as a teacher. I can now explain exactly how language structures form and why they are used. It is my opinion that a vital part of a student?s knowledge should be on how tenses form and why and when we as english speakers would need to use these. In addition the unit on Teaching New Language has enriched my understanding of what students need to know when learning about vocabulary, grammatical structure and language function. I hope that I would be able to provide my students with the same tools for mastering english as this course has given me, not only in the units devoted to language but also in the units devoted to the pedagogy of teaching, for teaching english as a foreign language. Information such as classroom arrangement, establishing rapport, how to deal with and prevent problem behavior and how to establish the individual students? language level seems evident and rather simple but those are exactly the type of situations that we might need expert, effective and reliable views and guidelines on. I will now know how to start my first lesson with a class and I will be able to, from the assessment of the first lesson, arrange the classroom to best suit the students? needs. I will be able to do this by taking into account their age, culture and personalities combined with the available space and furniture. I will also know how to try and prevent problem behavior but if (and probably when) it arises I will know how to deal with it. A course such as this not only provides external information it also allows the student to through introspection learn and grow and focus for the giant task ahead. It has also made me painfully aware of how little I really know, but that if and when I am in doubt there will be a support structure and a community of likeminded individuals to turn to for help and advice.