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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

S. V. - USA said:
This course has provided me with a good review of the english grammar and has given me the opportunity to reflect on my teaching. I feel more confident now that I can walk into a classroom and teach english instead of french. I found that the lesson plans I had to design were very useful and really helped me think about how to introduce various concepts. The hardest lesson to design for me was the one with the video. I am very familiar with french movies and which ones I should use to teach various points. Even though I watch many american movies, I had never really pay attention to which one could lend itself to teaching something in particular. So for that lesson plan I chose a conversation topic rather than linguistic forms to teach. I sure will pay more attention from now on! But again, designing these lesson plans was incredibly useful. I plan to look for an EFL teaching position in the Ivory Coast, West africa. If I find one, I know I will bring my enthusiasm and experience to the classroom. I will remain a very organized teacher and keep on planning the best lessons possible for every class using what I have learned in this course. I am in fact glad to have a few lesson plans ready so that I can adapt them and improve them in the future. I love to teach and I really feel that now I can do as good a job teaching english as I have teaching french.