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C.B - USA said:
I knew most of the information offered regarding the english grammar etc but nothing about your teaching methods. The ESA plan is absolutely brilliant and a great working tool. I now have the tools and knowledge to pre plan lessons and make them interesting. The course has given me sufficient information to be able to down load almost everything I need from the internet, and the confidence to use it. I am well into my 60?s and, as such, my brain isn?t as receptive to new ideas as it used to be, so I have to admit that I struggled a bit toward the end of the course. I reckon I must have spent over 150 man hours on the course. Having said that, whatever hasn?t been absorbed by the grey cells is always on file for reference. I have a colleague who is taking the course without online teacher and I am pleased that I didn?t take that route. The encouraging remarks gave me the initiative to keep on going until finished. My friend, on the other hand, is struggling. All in all very satisfied. /p>