Can you fail a TEFL course?

If you have done your research and are serious about becoming an EFL teacher, either at home or in a foreign country, there is no reason why you should not successfully complete your TEFL certification course. However, you do need to be aware that our training courses require a high level of commitment in terms of time and effort and if you do not complete all aspects of the course in the time given it is possible to fail the course.

How does ITTT maintain a high pass rate for its TEFL courses?

Although failing to complete the course is possible, the vast majority of our students successfully complete their training and go on to start a new career as an EFL teacher. As part of our commitment to our students we provide all the assistance we can to help each and every one to reach their full potential. Our unique combination of high-quality study materials, experienced trainers and dedicated support staff all combine to provide everything you need for a successful training experience.

What are the benefits of an in-class TEFL course?

At ITTT we offer in-class TEFL certification courses that are completed over an intensive four-week period at one of our international training centers. If you are able to attend one of our in-class courses you will benefit from dedicated face-to-face tuition from our highly experienced and qualified teacher trainers. Many students also like the fact that they can share their learning experience with like minded individuals who can help each other through the course.

How hard is the in-class TEFL course?

While many of our in-class centers are located in exotic and exciting locations, you should be aware that the course involves full-time study that includes coursework, practical teaching experience and an end of course exam. Daily attendance is required so it is unwise to view the course as a spring break or vacation. However, it is not all about study as you will have time at the weekends to explore the area and to relax with your classmates. Due to the support and dedication of our training staff, most students who arrive with an open mind and a willingness to learn are able to successfully complete the in-class TEFL course.

What are the benefits of an online TEFL course?

If you choose one of our online courses you will not have the benefit of face to face tuition, but you can choose to take any of our courses with the guidance of an online tutor. Our highly experienced online tutors can provide assistance with any aspect of the training and are available to guide you through your studies from start to finish. In order to gauge your progress, our online courses are continually assessed via automated multiple choice tests as you work through the materials. Thanks to this convenient method there is no final exam to worry about, although you will need to submit a final summative task to complete the course. Our online courses are also designed to be as flexible as possible and you will be given enough time to complete all aspects of your training, working at whatever pace you choose. As long as you are prepared to put in the required hours you should have little trouble successfully completing an online TEFL course.