How do online TEFL courses work?

Our range of online courses offer a convenient and affordable route to your initial TEFL qualification, as well as the option of adding specialized or advanced certification to your CV/resume. The obvious advantage of this method of study is that you can complete it in the comfort of your own home, at whatever pace you are happy with. All our online courses can be taken with or without the guidance of an experienced online tutor, and include our life-long teaching support and job guidance services.

Are online TEFL courses as good as in-class TEFL courses?

The subjects covered in our 120-hour online TEFL course and our in-class TEFL course are virtually identical. The one area that clearly separates the two versions is observed teaching practice (OTP). Our in-class courses include extensive time in a real classroom where you can practice your teaching skills under the guidance of experienced trainers. As a consequence, in-class courses are generally held in a higher regard by employers. While we would recommend the in-class course as the ideal preparation for teaching English abroad, our online courses are still a great alternative for those who lack the sufficient time or funds to complete a four-week residential course.

If I choose an online TEFL course, will I still be issued a full TEFL certificate?

Yes. If you complete our 120-hour online certification course you will receive an internationally recognized TEFL qualification that will open the door to thousands of potential jobs in countries all over the world. Our specialized CTEYL and CTBE courses and our advanced Diploma course are also fully recognized worldwide. As the widely accepted international standard for TEFL certification dictates that trainees must complete a minimum of 100 hours of study, short format courses do not result in full certification.

Who accredits the online TEFL course certificates?

Our range of online courses are accredited by the Paris College of International Education (PCIE). All of our online certification courses have been thoroughly vetted by the PCIE and have successfully met all the criteria necessary to achieve full accreditation.

How will I receive the online TEFL course study materials?

All the materials you need to complete our online courses are accessed via our online training system. The materials are in PDF format and can be printed off if you wish.

How will I be assessed during an online TEFL course?

The online courses are divided into units that each conclude with a short multi-choice test. You do not need to achieve a specific score in each unit; however, you do need to achieve an average of 75% across all the units to reach the required pass rate. Once you have worked through the units you will then submit a summative task for assessment. Once you have completed all the units and your final task has been assessed, you will graduate from the course and receive your certification.

How quickly can I finish an online TEFL course?

All our online courses have a maximum time limit of six months (with the exception of the Diploma course which has a twelve month limit), within which you are free to work at any pace you prefer. On average most students are able to finish the 120-hour course within 8 weeks. However, if you are in a real hurry, it can be completed in as little as ten days.

How will I receive my online TEFL certification and how long will it take?

All online certificates are sent via registered post upon successful completion of all aspects of the course. Each certificate comes with a cover letter and a unique ID number that employers can use to check its authenticity. Your certificate will be posted within five working days and you should allow two to three weeks for delivery. If you are in a hurry we can provide a scanned PDF copy via email, as well as an express delivery option via DHL. This service takes three to four days and has a flat rate of 50 USD regardless of destination.

Do online TEFL certificates say 'online' on them?

No, our certificates do not indicate that they were completed online. All our courses result in a specific certification that states the number of study hours involved but not the method of study.