How does the combined TEFL course work?

The combined TEFL course provides a convenient option for anyone who wants the benefit of in-person training from a highly qualified teacher trainer, but who doesn’t have the time to commit to a full in-class course. The course starts with an online section that covers all the theory topics. You then attend one of our training centers to complete your observed teaching practice classes.

Is the combined TEFL course as good as the 4-week in-class TEFL course?

Yes. The combined course covers all the same content as the full in-class course. However, if you are not comfortable with the idea of distance learning or would prefer more interaction with your tutors and other trainees, then the in-class TEFL course might be the better option.

If I choose the combined TEFL course, will I still receive a full TEFL certificate?

Yes. If you complete the combined course you will be issued with the exact same certificate as those who complete the 4-week, in-class training course.

How does the online section of the combined TEFL course work?

The online section consists of 20 individual units that cover a wide variety of important subjects such as teaching methodology, grammar awareness, and lesson planning. At the end of each unit you will complete a short assessment before moving on to the next section. After completing all 20 units you must submit a lesson plan for assessment by a tutor.

How will I receive the combined TEFL course materials?

Everything you need to complete the online section of the course can be accessed via our online training system. You are also free to download and print the materials if you wish. Further materials will be provided on arrival at your chosen in-class training center.

Do I have to finish the online section before I attend the in-class section?

Yes. The online section must be completed before you can start your teaching practice.

Where can I complete the in-class section of the combined TEFL course?

The in-class section can be completed at a variety of international training centers. Our centers in Phuket, Barcelona, and Rome, offer the training over a two week period (Monday to Friday, with weekends off). At our Paris and New York centers the course is completed in a slightly different format over eight days. There are also five day options available at over a dozen different centers across North America.

What are my accommodation options and how much do they cost?

Accommodation for the in-class section of the combined course varies depending on which location you choose to attend. For a guide to the options available and their cost, please click on the individual pages for the training location of your choice.

How long will I have to complete the entire combined TEFL course?

In total you are given up to ten months to complete the combined course. The online section can be completed at your own pace in any period of up to six months. Once completed, you will have a further four months to start your in-class training.

How will I receive my TEFL certification and how long will it take?

Most graduates receive their certificates via registered post, with the exception of those who attend our Phuket location where the certificate is presented at the end of the course. Delivery can take up to two or three weeks, so we also offer an express option via DHL. Express delivery takes three to four days and is charged at a flat rate of 50 USD, regardless of the delivery address.