What is the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program for teaching English in Georgia?

The Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) program was setup in 2010 with the intention of improving the country's foreign language skills and to promote greater ties with the global community. Sponsored by the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science, TLG actively recruits native English, French and German speakers to teach in public schools throughout the country on a voluntary basis. While the primary goal is language teaching within a school environment, the program also has a strong focus on cultural exchange.

What does the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program involve?

The TLG program is open to native speakers of English, French and German who are open-minded and highly motivated to make a positive difference in an unfamiliar environment. Contracts are for one academic year during which time you will teach alongside local language teachers in primary age classrooms. A typical week involves 30 working hours from Monday to Friday which includes teaching, lesson planning and extra-curricular activities. Participants are also expected to provide three hours of language teaching per week for their host family.

What are the requirements for the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program?

The minimum education level is a BA/BS in education, linguistics or similar or a BA/BS in any other discipline plus teaching experience. Students in their final year of a bachelor's degree in education, linguistics, or similar discipline are also eligible to apply. A clean criminal record check and medical clearance are both required. Applicants who apply as either French or German native speakers will need to demonstrate an English language ability that is equivalent to the B1 level of the Common European Framework of reference for Languages. Any additional teaching qualifications, classroom experience, or voluntary experience with young people will be taken into account during the recruitment process. For further information please visit the official TLG website.

What are the benefits of the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program?

As TLG is a voluntary program it does not attract teachers who are simply looking to earn a high salary. The main attraction for many is that it offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable classroom experience and personal fulfillment in a region that is a little off the beaten track. Included in the contract are the following extra benefits:

  • Monthly stipend of 750 GEL (400 GEL after tax and host family deduction)
  • Paid airfare in and out of Georgia
  • Room and board with a host family
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid winter holidays