Where do schools provide free airfare for English teachers abroad?

The worldwide market for English language teaching is huge, with over 250,000 teachers employed every year. The level of pay and other benefits varies considerably from job to job, however, there are some countries where employers routinely pay for your flight up-front or reimburse the fare once you arrive. In some cases you might be expected to complete a probationary period before receiving any cash, but if you see out your contract you should also have your return flight taken care of or at least a large portion of it.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in China?

This vast and diverse country is home to the largest and fastest growing English teaching job market in the world, with over 50,000 positions taken by foreigners every year. A large percentage of these positions are likely to come with a benefit package that includes free air travel in and out of the country, and paid housing during your stay. At the very least you should expect to receive a stipend towards your housing costs, as well as assistance with finding suitable accommodation.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in South Korea?

This popular teaching destination attracts around 25,000 foreign teachers every year, particularly those from North America. Korean employers routinely recruit teachers directly from their home country, and paid airfares are typically a part of the overall benefit package. Other benefits normally include free housing and a generous salary that allows teachers to save a considerable amount during the length of the contract.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in the Middle East?

This region has long been popular with ESL teachers due to its famously high salaries and good benefit packages. Paid airfares are the norm for most teaching positions in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Do English teachers receive free airfares elsewhere in Asia?

As a whole, the Asian continent has far more jobs available for foreign English language teachers than any other region. Aside from those already mentioned where paid airfares are the norm, there are several other countries where airfares are sometimes covered. These include Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in Europe?

Due to the region's popularity as a destination for English speaking language teachers, there are very few employers who are prepared to cover airfares or other expenses. However, there are a few exceptions such as Russia and Turkey where help with flights is sometimes included.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in Latin America & Africa?

Due to economic reasons, it is uncommon to find employers willing to offer financial assistance with flights to and from these regions.