Do people fail TEFL?

If you have done your homework and are serious about becoming an EFL teacher, there is no reason why you should not successfully complete your TEFL course.

However, our training courses do require a strong sense of time commitment. This means, if you do not complete all elements of the course in the required timeframe, you may fail the course.

How does ITTT keep its TEFL course pass rate so high?

We are very proud of our course pass rate of over 90%.

Although it is possible to fail a TEFL course, the vast majority of our students finish their training and go on to become successful EFL teachers. As part of our promise to our teacher trainees, we make every effort to help each and every course taker to reach their full potential.

Our one-of-a-kind combination of high-quality study materials, experienced trainers, and dedicated support staff provides everything you need for a successful training experience.

What are the advantages of an in-person TEFL course?

Besides our range of online courses, we also offer in-class TEFL certificate courses. These types of TEFL courses are completed in four weeks at one of our international training schools.

If you are able to join one of our in-person courses, you will benefit from one-on-one instruction from our highly qualified and experienced teacher trainers. Many students also appreciate the fact that they can share their learning opportunity with others who share their interests and can help each other through the course.

How difficult is the in-person TEFL course?

While you will have plenty of time to discover your exciting in-class location, you should also not neglect your full-time studies. This involves coursework, practical teaching experience, and an end-of-course exam. Don’t treat the course as a vacation as daily attendance is required.

However, it is not always about studying because you will have time to explore the area and hang out with your classmates on weekends. Students who are eager to learn and have an open mind are typically able to complete the in-class TEFL course thanks to the support and dedication of our training staff.

What are the advantages of taking an online TEFL course?

While you will not have the benefit of face-to-face instruction if you choose one of our online courses, you can take any of our courses with the guidance of an online tutor. Our highly qualified online tutors can assist you with any aspect of the training and are able to guide you through your course from beginning to end.

After every course unit you have to pass a unit assessment before moving on to the next unit. This will help you thoroughly work through the materials and gauge your progress. There is no final exam with an online TEFL course, but you will need to write a final summative task to complete the course.