Does TEFL get you a job?

Do you want to teach English abroad, but are not sure if a TEFL certificate is going to get you there? The good news is that, as most countries and individual employers do not require an advanced teaching license, a TEFL certificate is usually enough to land a job in many areas. In some countries a bachelor's degree is also required, but there are still plenty of others where having a TEFL certificate is all you need.

Is it easy to find a job once I have completed a TEFL course?

It is estimated that over a billion individuals are learning English around the world. This, paired with an English teacher shortage in many countries, is fantastic news for TEFL teachers because it demonstrates that TEFL jobs are widely available all around the world.

Teachers who take a TEFL course will have a wide range of choices in the international job market. They can demonstrate that they have invested time in TEFL training and have a higher chance in landing their dream job compared to applicants without any related qualifications.

While finding the ideal employment for you is sometimes not straightforward, the fact is that there are more vacant positions than available teachers in the field of language teaching abroad (especially in Asia). However, no matter where you want to pursue a career in teaching abroad, you can be sure with the right skillset and determination, you will find a suitable position.

Where can I teach with a TEFL course?

Most EFL teachers begin their careers teaching at private language schools or public schools, but you may also find work teaching in businesses, kindergartens, or higher education colleges. Positions in universities are usually reserved for those with higher qualifications and/or a few years of experience. There are also many jobs that you can get without a degree, such as an assistant language teacher in public schools (state schools) or an English teacher in a large language school chain. If you have a TEFL certificate, you have access to better jobs and will be able to advance to a better position faster.

How can I find a job with a TEFL certificate?

At ITTT, we are devoted to assisting our course graduates in obtaining the perfect teaching job. We help you with things like TEFL applications, resume/CV writing, interview preparation, and all the other practical aspects of relocating overseas when you complete our TEFL course.

Don't forget that at ITTT, we also have long-established relationships with leading recruitment agencies and schools around the world, as well as a TEFL job board.

What type of TEFL course is best for teaching?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It all depends on your desired teaching location and your own background and skill set. However, the 120-hour TEFL course is a great place to start.

As 100 hours of TEFL training is the international minimum requirement for most teaching jobs abroad (and online), this course will be your key to international teaching opportunities. If you want to stand out from the crowd, we also recommend obtaining TEFL specialization certificates, such as in teaching English to young learners, business English or teaching English online. These extra courses will add additional training hours to your portfolio and impress potential employers all around the world.