How do I verify a TEFL certificate?

For certain employers in certain countries you must be able to verify your TEFL certificate. This is often the case in countries like China or Vietnam, as well as when applying to work for some online teaching platforms.

Why do I need to verify my TEFL certificate?

In the past, the legal requirements for teaching English were somewhat ambiguous. When it came to hiring, many employers had their own set of rules. As a result, there was an influx of teachers who did not have an accredited TEFL certification or teaching experience.

These days, many countries and employers are enforcing stricter regulations. In many cases employers must be able to verify your TEFL certificate online as part of these new regulations. This is to ensure that your certification is genuine and that you are qualified to teach English; believe it or not, some fakes do exist.

How do I verify my ITTT TEFL certificate?

Head to our certificate verification page and enter your ITTT course graduate details in the form.

Your TEFL course certificate number can be found in the lower left-hand corner of your certificate and looks like this: ITTT00123456.

You will see your TEFL verification results after entering your unique identifier code. These outcomes will include your name, the qualification you were awarded, and the number of teacher training hours you completed. Employers can use this tool to ensure that your certificate is valid and meets industry standards.

Will I also need certificate notarization?

Some countries might also require an additional notarized stamp on your certificate, although this is not required very often. Should you need additional authentication with your TEFL certificate for an employer, government office, or just for your own peace of mind, we have a few options for you. To begin, our online course certificates can be verified by visiting our website's verification page.

Your employer or the local education authority can enter your certificate number, and your name and course graduation date should appear.

Second, because all of our certificates are printed and shipped from Thailand, you can have a notarized copy of your certificate printed, stamped, and signed by a Thai Notary Public. This official copy, along with your original TEFL certificate, can then be mailed to you. The service of a Notary Public costs $45.

A third option is to have an ITTT registrar authenticate a copy of your original TEFL certificate and then have it countersigned by a Notary Public at the same time. Both the original certificate and the verified copy can then be mailed to you anywhere in the world. The registrar verification and Notary Public authentication cost $95. Although the majority of our graduates do not require these services, we are here to help if and when they do.