How many modules in a TEFL course?

Most TEFL courses currently available, including those offered by ITTT, are broken down into separate sections or modules to make the study experience as smooth and easy to digest as possible. By separating the different sections of the course into distinct areas, such as individual grammar points, various classroom skills, and lesson planning strategies, you should find it easier to move through the materials and retain all the information covered. However, as most TEFL course providers offer a wide variety of course options to suit different goals and scenarios, it is generally the case that there are no set amount of modules in a TEFL course.

At ITTT we try to ensure that our range of TEFL courses cover every possible requirement, from short-form courses suitable for volunteer teaching, right through to advanced-level courses for those looking to move towards the top of the TEFL employment ladder.

120-hour TEFL certification Course

The 120-hour TEFL course is one of our most popular options as it is completed 100% online, at whatever pace suits your own personal circumstances. If you choose this course option you will find the materials are divided into 20 different modules covering all the basic skills and knowledge required to get your teaching career off the ground. After you have read through the material for each individual module you will then complete a short online test to ensure you have absorbed the information and are ready to move onto the following module.

Specialized TEFL Courses

In order to provide extra qualifications to suit specific areas of English language teaching, we also offer a number of different specialized TEFL courses. These short-format courses are designed to build on the skills and knowledge gained during the 120-hour TEFL course and are aimed at teachers who want to apply for jobs in areas such as young learners, business English, and online English teaching. Each of these courses is divided into 10 different modules that cover all the most important subjects that are specific to that area of teaching. Once again, each module is followed by a short test to ensure you are ready to move onto the next section of the course.

Diploma in TESOL

Our Diploma in TESOL is an advanced-level course option that is designed to be taken after completion of the 120-hour TEFL certification course. By completing the diploma course you will be able to demonstrate to prospective employers that you are a serious TEFL professional with a continuing thirst for knowledge and skills to improve your teaching and the results of the students in your classroom. This advanced course is made up of 11 separate modules covering a wide range of different subjects. Upon completion of all 11 modules you will need to complete a summative task or thesis of your choice to finish the course successfully. Each module in this course should take in the region of 21 hours to complete, with a further 20 hours required to complete the final task. In total the Diploma in TESOL should take around 250 hours to complete.

TEFL Course Bundles

If you like to get the very best value for money, you might want to consider one of our TEFL course bundles. We have a variety of bundles that incorporate some or all of the above courses, plus a few others, that offer an excellent start to any teaching career. For example, we have a 170-hour online specialization course that includes the 120-hour TEFL certification course and the 50-hour course in teaching English online. We also offer a 220-hour Master Package and a 550-hour Expert Package. Whatever your future teaching plans, you can rely on ITTT to offer the best solution.