How much can I earn teaching English in Slovakia?

With a very convenient location right in the heart of Central Europe, Slovakia offers plenty of options for TEFL certified teachers. It is not yet on the radar of many teachers looking to live and work in Europe, but it should certainly be considered as it is a modern and progressive country that is rapidly developing. In its current form, Slovakia is a very young nation, but its overall history goes back centuries. Across the country you will find ancient castles, medieval fortresses, and a rich cultural heritage. Since joining the EU, the country has seen a rapid rise in the number of English language students, so if you are looking for a peaceful and safe country that is a little off the beaten path, why not look at Slovakia?

What are TEFL salaries in Slovakia?

Salaries in Slovakia are not large by European standards, but jobs are plentiful so those with qualifications and/or experience should be able to earn enough to live comfortably. The average salary is between $550 and $1,300 per month. To get the upper end of the pay scale you will need a TEFL certification and a degree, or some previous classroom experience.

Who are the main employers of English language teachers in Slovakia?

There are a few options for teaching English in Slovakia. The most numerous jobs are found in private language schools that offer lessons on-site or at the premises of private companies. These positions involve around 20 to 30 teaching hours per week, but you might be expected to teach in a different location each day.

State-run primary and secondary schools are another popular option as they offer the chance to get involved in the local community and really experience life in this fascinating country. The pay is likely to be a little less than private language schools, but your students will be fun, enthusiastic and willing to learn. Many teachers are also able to top up their monthly salary by offering private tuition to students outside of school hours.

What is the recruitment process for English teachers in Slovakia?

Few jobs in Slovakia are advertised online, so most teachers head to the country to look for jobs in person. The best time of year to look for available positions is in August, with a secondary recruitment window in January. As there are typically more jobs on offer than teachers looking for them, you should be able to shop around and choose which job suits you best. The country’s capital city, Bratislava, is home to the largest number of potential jobs, while smaller cities such as Kosice, Nitra, Presov, and Banska Bystrica are also worth checking out.

Whatever type of job you look for, a TEFL or TESOL certificate is almost always required. Teachers with a degree will also have a wider choice of options, although those without can still find jobs due to the strong demand. Employers also generally prefer EU citizens as they do not require a work visa. However, some employers will be willing to go through the visa application process for non-EU citizens if you are able to sell yourself well.

What is the cost of living for English teachers in Slovakia?

As the average salary is not particularly high most teachers look to make savings wherever possible. The best thing you can do is find a job that includes free housing as this will remove one of the biggest expenses from your monthly outgoings. If not, many teachers choose to share an apartment with a fellow teacher. Overall, the cost of living is quite low for the region, allowing a comfortable lifestyle for teachers who are careful and willing to budget.