How much does it cost to get TEFL certified online?

Completing a TEFL certification course online has been a very popular option for some time as it is a much more convenient approach than an in-class course for many people. If you have any existing commitments that you cannot leave behind, such as work, study, or family, an online TEFL certification course provides a great way to get qualified while working from home in your own time. The other major benefit of an online course over an in-class course is the financial outlay. The bottom line is that an online TEFL certification course is an affordable route into teaching English as the course has far fewer overheads than a traditional classroom based course.

How much are standard online TEFL courses?

There is no one straight answer to this question as TEFL courses tend to vary in length and difficulty, and therefore price. The most basic courses can be as little as 50 hours of study or less and cost just a few dollars, while advanced level courses can come in at several hundred hours and cost many hundreds of dollars. The rule of thumb is that anything that is rated under 100 hours of study is typically aimed at volunteer teachers or those who only plan to teach here and there. If you want to qualify for mainstream jobs that pay a good salary, you should focus on more in-depth courses that provide all the necessary skills and knowledge required in the classroom.

At ITTT we provide a highly popular 120-hour online TEFL certification course that covers all the basic subjects you need to get your teaching career started for as little as $249 US.

How much are advanced-level online TEFL courses?

Advanced-level online TEFL courses are a great way to open up your potential job options and to give yourself a better chance of earning a higher salary. This type of course is usually designed to follow on from a standard TEFL course in order to build on your existing skills and knowledge. These courses are often based on individual research and look into important areas of language teaching in more depth. As they are completed 100% online your study can be spread out over a longer period (often 12 months), at any pace that you find comfortable.

At ITTT we have a 370-hour online Diploma in TESOL course that is highly respected by international employers and will look great on your resume. The course starts with the standard 120-hour online TEFL certification course, followed by the 250-hour advanced online study section. This popular course option is very competitively priced at $599 US.

How much are specialized online TEFL courses?

Once you have completed a standard TEFL certification course you might want to consider adding one or more specialized courses to your portfolio. The addition of these qualifications can significantly increase your options in the international TEFL job market and give you extra skills and knowledge to take your teaching career forward. Our specialized courses focus on specific areas of teaching that require specialized input from teachers who are experts in particular fields of TEFL. Our courses in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL), Teaching Business English (CTBE), and Teaching English Online (CTEO) are all very popular options that will build on your existing knowledge.

Our CTEYL, CTBE, and CTEO courses are available as individual courses that start at as little as $149 US, or as part of a multi-course package (see below).

How much are multi-course online TEFL course packages?

Probably the most cost effective way to complete your TEFL certification is to sign up for a package of courses that will give you all the basic training you need, plus some additional qualifications that will look great when applying for teaching jobs online, overseas, or in your home country. Employers of all types love to see applications that contain more than one TEFL qualification as it demonstrates you are serious about teaching and not just looking to make a quick buck. It is also a positive thing for your future students as they will benefit from your expanded knowledge that should help them reach all their English language goals.

At ITTT we have a 170-hour TEFL certification course with online specialization that will set you up perfectly when applying to teach via online platforms. This option is priced at $299 US. We also offer two other great value packages: the 220-hour Master Package and the 550-hour Expert Package. Prices for these packages are $349 and $799 US, respectively. All our course packages also include online tutor support throughout.