What sort of accommodation will I have during my in-class TEFL course?

Once you have secured a place on one of our in-class TEFL certification courses you will receive extensive information regarding all aspects of the course, including accommodation. The course fee does not typically cover your accommodation, so you will need to factor the cost of housing for the four weeks of your training into your overall budget. Your options will vary from one location to the next, but you can rest assured that we only recommend accommodation providers that have been thoroughly checked for comfort and value for money. Details of our recommended options can be found on each individual course location page, however, below is a brief overview of the most common options available.

Can I stay in a shared apartment during my in-class TEFL course?

One of the more common options is to stay in an apartment that is shared with other trainees on your course. With this option you will have your own private bedroom, but will share common areas such as a living room, kitchen and bathroom. This is often one of the most economical choices as sharing keeps the rental cost down and you are free to cook your own meals in the communal kitchen. It also provides a great environment for making friends with your fellow trainees and for helping each other through the various aspects of the course.

Can I stay in a hostel during my in-class TEFL course?

Hostels are another budget-friendly option that are available in many locations, particularly larger cities. Daily rates are kept low and you can usually choose between different size dormitories or private rooms. Many hostels have shared cooking facilities and common areas where you can hang out with other trainees and travellers from around the world. As with all our recommended accommodation, every hostel is regularly inspected by our staff members to ensure a good standard of cleanliness, safety and service is maintained.

Can I choose a homestay option during my in-class TEFL course?

Although homestays are only available in a few of our TEFL course locations, they are a popular choice with many trainees. With this option you get a private bedroom within the home of a local family. There are many benefits to home stay accommodation, in particular the chance to be immersed in the local culture and language. This option generally includes breakfast and dinner which are spent interacting with your host family. You will be given your own key and you will be free to come and go as you please, although it is important that you respect the rules of the house. Some homestays will include a private bathroom, while others will have shared facilities.

All our host families are thoroughly screened to ensure they meet the stringent standards we set for our homestay programs. In almost every case they will have plenty of experience in hosting foreign guests, and all will be keen to share their local community and culture with you.

Can I stay in a hotel or guesthouse during my in-class TEFL course?

In the majority of course locations there will also be a range of hotels and guesthouses for you to choose from. Our centers often have good working relationships with local establishments, many of which offer our trainees a special discounted monthly rate. Depending on the destination, we can generally offer recommendations to suit most preferences and individual budgets.

Can I make my own accommodation arrangements during my in-class TEFL course?

Although we will have a number of different options at each location to recommend, you are also free to make your own arrangements if you prefer. If you have friends or family in the area you might be able to save yourself some cash, however, it is important that you are located within easy reach of the training center as daily attendance is required throughout the length of the course.