Where to do TEFL in 2022/23?

When picking a destination for teaching English in 2022/23 you will have plenty of options to choose from. Some people will choose a location that offers the highest salaries, while others will make their decision based on cultural reasons or even where you can find the best social life. And of course, in the current climate teaching English online is more popular than ever as you do not even need to leave home. Every option has its pluses and minuses, so take a look at this brief rundown on all the most popular choices.

Which is the most popular region for TEFL?

Asia is without doubt the top region for teaching English abroad in terms of job numbers. The continent is absolutely huge and home to a wide diversity of great teaching locations. You will find many exciting cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, as well as many smaller towns and villages that are packed with culture and adventure.

Where can I earn the most money teaching English in Asia?

If you need to save a good sized proportion of your earnings, then you should look towards the more developed nations such as Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan. You will find a large number of job vacancies throughout all these countries and you should find the salaries on offer are generous when compared to the cost of living. As all these countries have a strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers, you should also be able to secure a position before leaving home. This option can be a real bonus for anyone, particularly those who lack experience of overseas teaching and traveling.

Where else is popular in Asia?

While many parts of Asia have plenty of EFL jobs just waiting to be filled, the majority will be located in large towns and cities, which might not be everyone's preference. If your TEFL dream involves a hammock on the beach during class breaks, then you will probably need to think outside the box. Thailand has been a favorite teaching destination for many years thanks to its world famous culture, lifestyle and climate. During your stay you will probably find it hard to save much of your salary, but you will certainly have plenty of fun and adventures along the way. Another up and coming option in the region is Vietnam, where the demand is growing every year and the average pay is also on the rise.

What are the most popular TEFL destinations in the Middle East?

Although this is a small area in terms of size, it is one of the biggest in terms of job numbers and potential salaries. Many jobs offer tax-free pay and a range of other great benefits, such as free accommodation and paid airfares. However, as the deals on offer are so good, you will generally find stiff competition for all the best jobs that come along. In order to be eligible for most of the top positions you will probably need to show some amount of previous experience and an advanced level teaching qualification. The biggest teaching markets in this region are in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, although Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar are also worth a close look.

What are the pros and cons of teaching English in the Middle East?

Despite the high salaries and great benefits, teaching English in the Middle East might not be for everyone. Many countries in the region have a very conservative society that includes strict social rules that can be off putting for some teachers. Female teachers in particular might find it difficult to live comfortably if they are not used to the local culture. However, while some choose to look elsewhere others find they are able to adapt to this new environment quite quickly and that the inconveniences involved are made up for by the financial rewards on offer.

What are the most popular TEFL destinations in Europe?

Europe has been attracting foreign teachers for many years due to a great mix of modern amenities and many centuries of fascinating history. Jobs can be found in countries all over the continent, from the warm beach resorts of the Mediterranean to major world cities such as Madrid, Paris and Rome. However, before you start packing your bags, there are a few things you need to consider.

What are the pros and cons of teaching English in Europe?

Probably the biggest issue with teaching in Europe is the high cost of living in some areas. Many of the most famous cities might have plenty of jobs available, but in reality your salary is unlikely to be big enough to live the exciting life you might be dreaming of. Also, some countries and individual employers have a clear preference for British English rather than American English. However, despite these concerns, many thousands of foreign teachers pour into Europe every year on a quest to live and work in one of the most popular regions in the world.

Should I look outside of Western Europe?

One solution that many teachers look at is to head towards Central and Eastern Europe, rather than the more expensive countries in the west. Thanks to a lower cost of living it is often possible for teachers to live comfortably and still save some of their wages in these areas. In many cases it is also easier to secure the necessary work permits and visas for working legally in countries outside of the western region. The most popular destination is the Czech Republic which boasts a large market for TEFL qualified teachers and a fun and laidback lifestyle. Elsewhere, you will also find good opportunities in countries such as Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Is Latin America a good option for TEFL?

The Latin America region covers a large area from Mexico in the north, down to the untamed wilderness of Cape Horn in the south. Despite its huge size that covers around 20 different countries, Latin America does not offer the same level of job options and salaries that are commonly found in some other parts of the world. However, what it lacks in job options and wages, it more than makes up for with a widespread abundance of natural beauty and adventure opportunities.

What are the best TEFL destinations in Latin America?

Chile is one country in the region that has a long history of employing foreign EFL teachers. The job market is large and widespread and can often include some of the best salaries in South America. Because of this, most jobs will attract a lot of applicants which might mean inexperienced teachers need to look outside the most popular areas. Other countries with steadily growing markets for TEFL that are well worth checking out include Colombia and Ecuador. Argentina and Costa Rica are two other options that have long been popular with overseas teachers. However, the competition for jobs can be very high and the cost of living to salary ratio is often not in your favor. Elsewhere across Latin America you will find small markets for English teachers in most countries, although many will not be advertised internationally.

What about teaching English online?

In recent times many TEFL qualified teachers have moved to online teaching due to travel restrictions and school closures caused by the pandemic. For some this is the perfect solution as you can work from home without worrying about government requirements or other travel concerns. To put it simply, online TEFL is here to stay and will continue to thrive long after the current problems are over. There are countless platforms for teaching online and the number seems to grow on a daily basis, providing endless opportunities for EFL teachers well into the future. Despite the popularity of online teaching, the excitement and life changing experiences you can enjoy while teaching English abroad ensures that the days of teaching overseas are not over just yet.