Which country is best for a TEFL course?

Due to the rapid rise in popularity of online study in recent times some people have the idea that traditional in-class TEFL training is a thing of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that the flexibility and convenience of online study means it is certainly here to stay, in-class courses still have several key advantages that will ensure they stay very much relevant today and in the future. And the best thing is they are available in many fantastic locations around the world.

What are the main advantages of in-class TEFL courses?

Probably the biggest attraction of taking an in-class TEFL course rather than an online course is that you get to spend several hours practicing all the theory you have learned during real lessons given to real language learners. As part of the overall training you will need to plan several different lessons under the guidance of a highly experienced teacher trainer. You then teach the lesson to a class of local English language students, while being observed by your tutor. Immediately following the lesson your tutor will conduct a debrief session where they will highlight all the areas where you excelled and any that you need to work on for future lessons.

Another benefit of this type of TEFL course is that you receive all your theory of English training face-to-face from a tutor who has years of experience in the EFL field. Your course tutors will always be available to answer any questions you have, making it much easier to get your head around some of the trickier parts of the course such as English grammar. Throughout your stay at the center you can also take advantage of the knowledge of your fellow trainees. Being able to swap ideas and discuss theories with tutors and fellow course members in person can be an invaluable advantage for many potential teachers.

One other feature of the in-class course that trainees often benefit from is that they are typically located in areas where demand for TEFL qualified teachers is particularly high. Many of our course trainees end up securing their first teaching job within close proximity to the training center, some even before the course is completed. The local knowledge and contacts of each of our training centers can provide a major boost when looking to get that all important first teaching post.

Where can I take an in-class TEFL course with ITTT?

At ITTT we currently run our in-class TEFL courses on five different continents. Simply take a look at our available options and pick the one that suits you best. You might pick a location where you actually want to work once the course is complete, or you might choose a destination that has been on your bucket list for sometime. Either way, you are guaranteed to receive the same high quality training and support no matter which center you choose.


As Asia has the widest choice of TEFL related jobs in the world, it is only right that we have several options to choose from in this region. If you have always wanted to visit Thailand, we have two great options: Bangkok and Phuket. The bustling capital city and the country’s most popular beach resort are both exciting destinations with plenty of teaching jobs available year round. We also have very popular training centers in Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, South Korea, and Vietnam.


Europe has long been a top destination for TEFL qualified teachers as jobs are plentiful in many areas. Trainees are also attracted by the culture and extensive opportunities for travel and adventure that the continent has to offer. One of the top destinations for foreign teachers is Italy, which is why we have two options here: Rome and Florence. We also have two training centers to choose from in Spain, which is also a very popular choice for foreign teachers. Other options include France, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Latin America

Many people choose to complete their TEFL training in Latin America as there is such a variety of countries and cultures to choose from and plenty of jobs available once your course is complete. Our training center in Argentina is a popular choice as it provides the perfect gateway to one of the biggest destinations in the region. Costa Rica is also a top choice as the demand for teachers is very high and the salaries are better than many other countries in this part of the world. Our other centers in Latin America can be found in Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru.

Other Options

Outside of the main TEFL regions mentioned above we also have a very popular training center in New York which allows you to get TEFL certified before deciding exactly where you want to teach. If you are from outside the US, this is also a great option if you want to tick the Big Apple off your must visit list. Our final international training center is located in Alexandria, Egypt. Why not tie in your TEFL certification course with a once in a lifetime visit to the Land of the Pharaohs?

For more information on our in-class course and the destinations available visit our In-class TEFL course page.