Which TEFL course is best?

All ITTT TEFL courses result in a certificate that can be used when applying for ESL teaching positions anywhere in the world. Our TEFL courses range from 120-hours up to 550-hours. The majority of ESL teachers select an online course due to the flexibility of a self-paced course and its cheaper price. While these two factors make the courses ideal for most people, there are some real benefits to taking an in-class course over 4 weeks.

In-class TEFL course benefits

The in-class courses are structured 4-week courses with face-to-face instruction from professional TEFL trainers. During an in-class course, trainees cover the same teaching techniques as the 120-hour online course with the added advantage of being able to put them into practice at local schools. After each class is taught by a trainee, the TEFL trainers will provide invaluable feedback. This guidance typically provides in-class course graduates with added confidence in the classroom. Further benefits of in-class courses are the camaraderie and friendships made during the course and the chance to learn about the local job environment. Most trainees wishing to work in the area will apply for ESL teaching positions and sit interviews in the last 2 weeks of the course.

Online course accreditation

ITTT is one of the largest providers of university accredited online TEFL/TESOL courses in the industry. The accreditation and recognition that our courses enjoy allow our graduates to apply for a wide range of positions within the ESL industry. All ITTT graduates have access to lifetime graduate and job support. For an insight into the different types of jobs available, take a look at our blog post.

Which course?

A 120-hour online TEFL certification course results in a standard international teaching qualification. The skills learnt during the course can be implemented in a classroom when teaching ESL students of all ages and various language levels. The 120-hour course is a self-paced course that can be completed in just a few weeks or anytime within 6 months of accessing the course.

TEFL packages

Purchasing a package of courses can further increase a teacher’s qualifications and skills. In doing so, it also helps graduates to stand out during the job application and interview process. This has never been more relevant than in recent times due to an increase in new companies providing 120-hour certificates. The new courses don’t always meet industry standards and have led to additional scrutiny when applying for a work visa with a 120-hour TEFL qualification.

Of our TEFL packages, a 170-hour TEFL is ideal for people wishing to teach English online, while trainees taking the 220-hour TEFL Master Package will gain refined skills and qualifications in teaching English to young learners and teaching business English. All of ITTT’s TEFL course packages begin with the 120-hour online course. Prior teaching experience and knowledge of ESL teaching methods aren’t necessary. Tutor support is included with all individual sections of each package. Tutor support allows trainees to contact their designated tutor by email with any questions relating to the course content. Videos of TEFL trainers explaining the teaching methods are also included.

Going the extra mile

Our 550-hour Expert Package includes the Diploma in TESOL course. A diploma course should be considered by anyone planning to pursue teaching roles where higher qualifications and management skills are valued. A diploma is an impressive addition to any CV/resume and demonstrates to employers a willingness to obtain advanced skills.

As well as the Diploma in TESOL, our 550-hour Expert Package includes the certificate in teaching business English, certificate in teaching English to young learners, and the certificate in teaching English online. Graduates will also have the option of completing observed teaching practice and a live one-to-one consultancy session with a TEFL job expert. The 550-hour TEFL Expert Package is the most comprehensive offering of university accredited online teaching qualifications currently available.